Hero Dog Takes Beating & Bullets to Protect Teen During Home Invasion


It’s no secret that dogs would, and often do, give their lives for their owner.

Yet when we hear accounts of dogs putting it all on the line to save another, it still amazes us.

Today we celebrate Rex, a German Shepherd who didn’t hesitate to stand up in the face of danger because it meant keeping his owner safe.

16-year-old Javier was home alone when two burglars broke into his Des Moines, Washington, home.

As soon as he heard the sound of shattering glass downstairs, Javier hid inside an upstairs closet, clinging to his barking dog, Rex.

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Rex had a different instinct: to protect his family and his best friend. He bolted downstairs and attacked the burglars.

The thieves began to beat Rex with whatever they could get their hands on. Rex was forced to retreat back upstairs, bloodied from the beating. He went to check Javier, who was still hiding in the closet.

The burglars began making their way upstairs, trashing the bedrooms as they tore through the home.

As soon as they set foot in the room where Javier was hiding, Rex had had enough. He used what little strength he still had to throw himself at the burglars. They shot him four times. He took bullets in the neck and legs.

Sirens sounded and the burglars quickly took off. But thankfully, Javier was protected by his brave forever friend until he didn’t have anything left to give.

Rex was rushed to Blue Pearl, a pet emergency room, where a veterinarian confirmed he would need surgery in order to survive.

Word of what Rex had done for his best friend began traveling fast. A GoFundMe page was set up to cover medical costs and shortly after went viral thanks to users on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Shortly after surgery, the GoFundMe page raised $52,000 in just two days.

Now, the hero is headed home. Even after a brutal beating and taking several bullets, Rex left the office walking on all fours and with a smile on his face, despite have a cone around his head.

Rex’s family plans to move to a new home to gain back their sense of safety and leave the painful memories of Rex’s nightmare behind forever.

But they will never forget their “angel” dog’s bravery that day protecting those who matter most to him.

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