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Heroic Train Conductor Slams on Brakes Just Feet Away from Helpless Dog Chained to Tracks


Watching someone chain a living creature to railroad tracks might sound like a scene from a dramatic black-and-white film or a cartoon. Never would you expect to see such a vile act carried out in real life.

Sadly, some villains exist outside of fiction.

In Llay-Llay, Chile, a bright orange train was moving steadily along its tracks when the conductor noticed something moving up ahead.

Shocked, he realized a black dog was chained to the railroad tracks, unable to escape the inevitable.




The conductor reacted quickly, triggering the emergency brakes. Thankfully, the locomotive paused just a few feet away from the helpless dog.

With his camera rolling to capture the unbelievable situation, the conductor exited the train and approached the animal. The dog appeared frightened, yelping and tugging on its chain in an attempt to escape. However, the chain was too strong for the little dog to break.

The conductor was clearly horrified and saddened by the act of cruelty. Metro translated the man’s words of concern.

“How can there be people so bad who leave little dogs tied up on the tracks?” the conductor said.

The man went to work freeing the dog from its chain. Once it was no longer bound to the tracks, the dog reportedly fled the scene.

“You cannot do that. I hope someday the human race changes,” the conductor said.

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The harrowing incident was reported to local authorities, who are currently investigating the case. If caught, the person responsible for the cruelty will be charged with animal abuse.

According to the Mirror, Llay-Llay Mayor Edgardo Gonzalez released a statement condemning the abuser.

“We are shocked by the cruelty seen in our society,” Gonzalez said. “As a municipality, we are taking the actions that need to be done [and are filing] a criminal complaint against the culprits and we also contacted the driver to offer our help to give this little dog the veterinary attention and other things it needs.”

The video of the heroic rescue has been shared across social media, garnering 137,000 views. Multiple viewers have commented on the viciousness of the culprit and the compassion of the train conductor who stopped to rescue the dog.

Although the dog’s story is saddening, it will hopefully end on a brighter note. Llay-Llay authorities are hoping to find a way to put the dog up for adoption so it can begin a new life in a loving home.

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