Hilarious: Even Liberal College Students Don't Want Pelosi As Speaker of the House


Nancy Pelosi has her hands back on the gavel of power, but college liberals just showed that she isn’t connecting well with the younger generation.

Last week, of course, the California Democrat was selected again as speaker of the House after liberals re-took that chamber. The 78-year-old has experience in that role, but her advancing age is doing her no favors with a major voting bloc in her party.

Not long after Pelosi was named speaker, Campus Reform reporter Cabot Phillips took to the streets of George Washington University in our nation’s capital to find out what students thought of the politician. They didn’t exactly have glowing reviews.

“While nearly every student claimed to support the Democrat party, the number who actually supported Pelosi’s election to speaker was far fewer,” reported Campus Reform. “When asked what they thought of Rep. Pelosi, students responded with a litany of concerns.”

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Barack Obama did well with college students a decade ago because of his youth and charisma. Pelosi? Not so much.

“(W)hen you look around at Democrat leadership, they’re old … I think there’s not one of them under the age of 70,” pointed out one of the students interviewed by Phillips.

That sentiment was echoed by many young people on campus, even those who identified as liberals.

“I’m not a big fan of her in general … I would like to see someone else,” said one.

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“I don’t like Nancy Pelosi, I would prefer pretty much anyone else,” chimed in another.

In a lot of ways, the negative reactions to Pelosi by so many young Democrats is kind of irrelevant. After all, she’s already secured the speaker position, a role that she will likely hold unless Republicans re-take the House or her health declines.

But what this video does show is the growing gap between current liberal leaders and their own voters. As one of the students astutely pointed out, the Democrats have become a bit old and grey.

That spells trouble for Dems who want to be president. The names which are often trotted out as 2020 candidates include Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and even Hillary Clinton again. They are 76, 69, and 71 years old, respectively.

At the same time, the lukewarm response from younger people could be an opportunity for lesser-known candidates.

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Just this week, fresh-faced former HUD Secretary Julián Castro announced that he’s running for the Democrat nomination. In contrast to the above-mentioned names, Castro is one of the youngest candidates at 44 years old.

Will youth enthusiasm actually make a difference in the coming presidential election, or is it something that only pollsters and pundits care about? It’s hard to answer. The college-age vote is probably not make-or-break for any candidate, but it could indicate which way the political winds are blowing.

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