Huckabee Jokes He's 'Rushed To Cardiac Unit' After Seeing Surprising CNN Report


Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee joked on social media that he is “being rushed to the Cardiac Unit” after hearing a CNN contributor give President Donald Trump’s policies credit.

“I just heard a CNN contributor actually admit that President Trump and his policies get credit for the historic North Korea breakthrough,” he wrote on Facebook and Twitter. “I hope I get to the ER in time!”

The former governor was reacting to the White House’s announcement Thursday evening that Trump has agreed to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in May, according to NBC News.

“This was the most forward-leaning report that we’ve had in terms of Kim Jon Un’s, not just willingness, but his strong desire for talks,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said, according to CBS News. “So I think what changed was his posture, in a fairly dramatic way in all honesty. That came as a little bit of a surprise to us, as well that he was so forward leaning in his conversations with the delegation from South Korea.”

Condition of Trump's Injury Finally Revealed, Hole Is Absolutely Gigantic in Relative Terms

Twitter users responded to Huckabee’s feigned heart attack.

Another Twitter user tweeted a video of CNN’s Erin Burnett saying, “If President Trump can truly solve this problem, he would be going down as a great president, and there’s no getting around that.”

It is surprising to hear CNN give the president credit because he seems to be at war with the news network. Trump has labeled CNN fake news and the network in return has been relentless in trying to find proof that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

Are you surprised that CNN gave Trump credit?

The talks with North Korea will be historic as Trump will be the first sitting U.S. president to meet with North Korea in at least two decades, Fox News reported.

“There are so many outliers and so many moving parts to this meeting that it could be a major logistical problem for all sides involved,” co-director of the East Asia Program at the Stimson Center Yun Sun said.

Condition of Trump's Injury Finally Revealed, Hole Is Absolutely Gigantic in Relative Terms

He added, “Trump doesn’t care how he is perceived domestically among politicians, so he might be the only president to actually do this.”

Vice President Mike Pence said in a statement Friday that the U.S. has made “zero concessions” in order to have this meeting.

“The North Koreans are coming to the table despite the United States making zero concessions, and in close coordination with our allies, we have consistently increased the pressure on the Kim regime,” he said.

He gave Trump credit for being unrelenting in his pressure on North Korea, according to the Washington Examiner.

“Our resolve is undeterred and our policy remains the same: all sanctions remain in place and the maximum pressure campaign will continue until North Korea takes concrete permanent, and verifiable steps to end their nuclear program,” Pence said.

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