Husband Gets Down on One Knee 37 Years After Wedding, Proposes to Terminally Ill Wife for 2nd Time


Greg Madson first proposed to his wife Sherri in 1981. The couple had just found out they were going to have a baby, and Greg more or less “tossed” his future bride a ring as his proposal.

The two went on to have an incredibly happy marriage complete with five children and nine grandchildren so far. But over the years, Greg has come to regret the way he proposed.

Sherri is now battling terminal liver cancer and her family is right by her side supporting her. So to show his wife just how much he cares for her, Greg and the family came up with a plan.

Greg took Sherri to a local park where her children and grandchildren were hiding and waiting with cameras.

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Soon, they approached a message written in chalk on the ground and Sherri realized what was going on.

“13,337 days of marriage, forever to go. Will you marry me again?” the message read.

In the video Greg explained to Sherri that he’d hoped to re-propose to her, but knew she wouldn’t like the attention, so he had to make it a surprise.

He can then be seen reaching over to a tree branch to pull off a ring tied to a piece of tulle before getting down on one knee.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but I knew you’d be mad at me,” he said laughing.

“If by chance I ask you to marry me again, would you?”

With a big smile, Sherri jokingly said “no” before finally accepting the proposal.

“She said ‘Yes, you big idiot,” Greg said to his children behind the camera as he hugged Sherri.

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And as soon as she accepted, Greg signaled his grandchildren to come out and celebrate. The kids, all wearing custom “beat cancer” t-shirts and superhero costumes ran out to blow bubbles around the happy couple.

“Not everybody gets a do-over, and I imagine there’s a lot of people who have lost loved ones to sudden, or unexpected things,” their son Jason said.

“So I suppose it’s a blessing – to have a chance to make new memories, or amends, or fix something that you may regret, or however you want to word it, so we’re very grateful for that.”

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