The Hypocrisy Behind MSM's Condemnation of Covington Catholic


Many have seen the recent outrage at the Covington Catholic students who stood at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial while an indigenous man approached the group pounding a drum during a standoff with one of the minors.

Nearly every mainstream media outlet played this portion of the video and described the scene as “racist,” “haunting,” and “everything that’s wrong with this country.”

Except that today, those same journalists and outlets are retracting their statements, deleting tweets, or trying to justify their lynch-mob behavior after further information revealed that the students were, in fact, innocent.

(See the full video footage below.)

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Most of the outrage was not actually directed at the students’ behavior, but because they were identified as supporters of the Trump administration based on their Make America Great Again hats. Numerous tweets called for these minors to be killed, their parents to suffer, and their school to be defunded.

However, the painful truth about this incident is the mainstream progressive media doesn’t care about children. They care about pushing an agenda that’s ultimately anti-conservative and militant against the Trump presidency.

Less than a year ago in Parkland, Florida, the nation dealt with a deeply emotional and unfortunate crisis. A school shooting that claimed 17 lives and brought about a new gun-control movement with the survivors of this shooting was at the forefront of the progressive agenda.

We each watched as media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC and CBS pushed the issue of gun control and children’s safety, but ultimately declared repeatedly that no high school students deserve to be attacked.

When faced with any opposition to gun control, they would argue that the opinion was invalid because it’s “attacking” children to disagree with the issue. Dana Loesch, an NRA spokesperson, was harassed for months on this premise.

Now we see the real ploy behind many of their convictions when they attack and ridicule high school students based on their political affiliation and demand action be taken against them for simply wearing their political identity.

Several online campaigns have been brought up to defend the Covington Catholic students and help them regain justice from the mainstream media by directing them to PR firms and legal experts. Ali Alexander and CJ Pearson ignited the #VerifiedBullies and #StandWithCovington campaign’s on Twitter in the last 24 hours to retaliate for the media’s follies.

Verified Bullies began based on the overwhelming amount of individuals verified by Twitter that have ridiculed and doxxed the students at Covington Catholic.

Alexander has hinted that a GoFundMe will soon be announced to help the families of the Covington Catholic students pay for legal fees.

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An online petition was opened to seek justice for the students and their families, with CJ Pearson tweeting last night that the petition has accumulated over 20,000 signatures.

Furthermore, Pearson added that a document supporting the Verified Bullies campaign contained over 10,000 submissions for verified Twitter users who openly attacked the Covington Catholic students.

Justin Mapp is a Quora blogger and writer at the Defense Quorum on military and foreign policy. He’s worked on GOP political campaigns for New Right US as the Nevada state director. You can find him on Twitter at @justxmapp.

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