Hypocrisy: Kavanaugh Protesters Won't Denounce Allegedly Abusive Keith Ellison


This is what hypocrisy looks like.

Daily Caller journalist Stephanie Hamill was at the Hart Senate Office building on Thursday to speak with protesters who are against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.

These protesters denounced Kavanaugh on the basis of the assault allegation against him. They chanted, “We believe Christine Ford! We believe Anita Hill!”

Hamill visited the Senate office building to bring up Keith Ellison, the U.S. representative from Minnesota who is also running for the state’s attorney general position. (He’s also deputy chairman of the Democrat National Committee.)

In August, he was accused of physically and verbally abusing his ex-girlfriend, liberal activist Karan Monahan.

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As Hamill tried to ask protesters, “Do you think Keith Ellison should resign?” most ignored her, turning away.

Some closed their eyes to her as they held up their fists in protest of Kavanaugh.

Hamill repeatedly tried to get protesters to discuss Ellison with her, many of whom didn’t seem to know who he was or anything about the allegations.

Check out the video here:

One protester was willing to talk about Ellison, saying, “I was educated by you, and I’m not embarassed to say I didn’t (know about Keith Ellison) because I did come here to learn. And what you tell me gives me a lot to research and think about, and I’m glad. And like you said, a lot of people here just don’t know.”

Largely, however, protesters were unwilling to acknowledge the allegations against Ellison.

The charges came to light initially through a Facebook post by Monahan’s son Austin, who wrote that his mother had “come out of pure hell after getting out of her relationship” with Ellison.

In the post, he claimed that he found over a 100 text and Twitter messages that he said showed Ellison’s abuse against his mother.

He also claimed that he had found a video of Ellison “dragging my mama off the bed by her feet, screaming and calling her a “f*****g b***h.”

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Do you think protesters showed their hypocrisy in this video?

When Hamill confronted one protester about Ellison, the protester claimed that if no one was listening to Monahan’s allegations against Ellison, “that’s because Republican people like you don’t want it to happen.”

Hamill asked another protester, “So this isn’t political by the left that is potentially trying to push this past the midterms?”

To which the man responded, “No, what’s political is what the Republicans are doing to ram this through.”

Despite their willingness to rally together against Kavanaugh, it seems that protesters may still need to educate themselves further about some of the serious accusations against current politicians.

Unless, of course, they only care about politics — and not women at all.

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