Illegal Immigrant ICE Was Blocked from Deporting Now Charged with Brutal Murder


If there was ever a reason to support candidates and laws in the midterms that support tight immigration enforcement this story is a true reflection of that.

A woman might be alive today if the Oregon authorities had not decided to allow a known illegal immigrant go free.

In March, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s office released 45-year-old Martin Gallo-Gallardo after the prosecutor’s office dismissed assault charges against him. Fox 12 Oregon reported a grand jury could not “hold him accountable” without the cooperation of the victim, his wife.

In 1987, Oregon adopted sanctuary state laws that prohibits illegals from being detained by law enforcement if they have broken no other laws.

Fox News reported: “Officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said the federal agency placed a civil detainer hold on Gallo-Gallardo while he was in custody in Portland so it could begin deportation proceedings. The agency said the sheriff’s department didn’t honor the request because of the state’s sanctuary laws.”

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On October 29, Gallo-Gallardo was was arrested for questioning in the death of his wife Coral Rodriguiez-Lorenzo and it was at that time he confessed to murdering her. Clackamas County officials found her body the previous day, which had been repeatedly stabbed according to The Daily Caller.

As with most major ideological conflicts finger pointing and the blame game ensues.

Fox News reported ICE Spokeswoman Tanya J. Roman said: “It’s unfortunate that law enforcement agencies like the Multnomah County jail refuse to work with ICE to promote public safety by holding criminals accountable and providing justice and closure for their victims.” Roman’s regional office covers the four state territory of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska.

Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese who supports Oregon’s sanctuary laws said his office never received a detainer request due a technology malfunction in fax transmission. His office also issued this statement

Should Oregon repeal their sanctuary state law?

“ICE is putting our community at risk with their failed enforcement strategy of not using the authority the agency already has to hold people accountable.”

Throwing it back on ICE, the sheriff’s office said the federal government had plenty of time to arrest Gallo-Gallardo if they wanted to and cited that Oregon cannot jail someone according to their law.

The statement continued to explain that they tried to indict Gallo-Gallardo but failure of the cooperation of the victim tied their hands: “but we know that many immigrant victims of domestic violence are concerned about how reporting will affect their status and status their children. This a terrible tragedy for her and her children. We remain committed to building a relationship of trust with immigrant communities so they feel comfortable sharing their story. Public safety needs to be for all.”

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And if the Multnomah County Sheriff’s statement doesn’t convince you that the office is in the tank for protecting illegals, this political ad featuring the sheriff himself should show you where the priorities of the sheriff’s office are.

Reese proclaims: “Current law helps create bright lines for local law enforcement. Communities we serve know that we’re focused on protecting and serving them. We’re not worried about their immigration issues.”

It makes you wonder why politicians and local law enforcement are going out on such a limb to protect “justice for all,” especially those who enter our country illegally. At the end of the ad, a long scrolling list of dignitaries who support upholding the current status quo in Oregon rolls up the screen.

There is a measure on the ballot in Oregon to repeal the current sanctuary law.

Hopefully as Oregonians watch that ad prior to election day they will remember that: “Gallo-Gallardo drove his wife to nearby Clackamas County after an argument and stabbed her multiple times. He pleaded not guilty to the crime Tuesday,” according to Fox News.

Hopefully after Tuesday justice for all will mean cold blooded murders like this will be avoidable in Oregon’s future.

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