Report: Illegal Immigrants Crime Statistics Are the One Thing Democrats Don't Want You to See


Despite the insistence by Democrats that illegal immigrants pose no risk to the American people, facts and statistics continually prove otherwise.

The latest facts specifically show that illegal immigrants in Arizona commit crime at a rate significantly higher than that of the rest of the state’s population.

“Based on data from 1985 to 2017, undocumented immigrants are at least 142% more likely to be convicted of crime than other Arizonans,” reads a research paper published last month by John R. Lott, the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center.

Illegal immigrants in Arizona are likewise “163% more likely to be convicted of 1st degree murder than are U.S. citizens, 168% more likely to be convicted of 2nd degree murder, and 189.6% more likely to be convicted of manslaughter.”

Moreover, this same dynamic applies to the beloved “children” of former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

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“While undocumented immigrants from 15 to 35 years of age make up a little over two percent of the Arizona population, they make up almost 8% of the prison population. These immigrants also tend to commit more serious crimes,” Lott’s research paper notes.

Speaking with The Washington Times, Lott himself noted that there seems to be a “huge difference” between the legal immigrants beloved by conservatives and the illegal ones championed by the left.

“The type of person who goes through the process to legally immigrate in the United States appears to be very law-abiding versus even the U.S.-born population,” he said. “The reverse is true for undocumented immigrants — they are committing crimes, and more serious crimes.”

It makes perfect sense. Though harebrained Democrats claim otherwise, illegally immigrating to the United States counts as a crime. And it can be surmised that someone willing to violate the law one time would also be willing to violate it again … and again … and again.

Take someone like Ricardo Velasquez-Romero, a seven-time-deported illegal who goes by the name name Eulalio Miniz Orozco. Last month Fox News reported that “he stabbed a 61-year-old man in the neck at Lola’s Market in Santa Rosa on Dec. 21.”

While Democrats will argue Orozco is an anomaly, the facts paint a contradicting image. And I’m not just speaking of Lott’s study.

Using data from the U.S. Sentencing Commission, Fox News host Tucker Carlson concluded last month that “(n)on-citizens account for 22 percent, more than a fifth of all federal murder convictions.”

A report from Fox News three years ago similarly found that “the estimated 11.7 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. account for 13.6 percent of all offenders sentenced for crimes committed in the U.S. Twelve percent of murder sentences, 20 percent of kidnapping sentences and 16 percent of drug trafficking sentences are meted out to illegal immigrants.”

While these are shocking numbers, here’s the kicker, via Lott’s report: (T)here are several reasons that these numbers are likely to underestimate the share of crime committed by undocumented immigrants.”

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In other words, it’s quite likely illegal immigrants are committing even more crimes than we suspect. Yet to the left, anyone who highlights these disturbing facts is automatically labeled a racist, bigot and xenophobe.

Either Democrats are suicidal about their culture and country, or they’re just plain ignorant.

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