Illegals Are Now So Bad That My Mom Won't Water Flowers Without a Gun: TX Resident


For the residents of Uvalde, Texas, a town about 60 miles from the southwest border, life has changed dramatically since President Joe Biden took office.

Biden’s immediate reversal of the Trump administration’s effective immigration policies has spurred the invasion of close to a million illegal immigrants, which has completely overwhelmed the system and turned the lives of U.S. citizens living in border towns into a living hell.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson visited Uvalde and spoke to several property owners about their new normal.

Landowner Weston Robertson told Carlson, “I carry a firearm 24 hours a day around here all the time. Even my mother, who is elderly, will not even leave the house to go outside to water flowers without her personally carrying a firearm.”

Fearing retaliation from the Mexican cartels which she said are operating in Uvalde, one woman spoke to Carlson on the condition of anonymity.

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“I cannot even go from my house to my barn or to my chicken coop or anywhere without carrying a gun,” the woman said. “I don’t even leave my house without it.”

“I came out one day, had four men running directly at my house where one tried to break into our house while I was here. … We just don’t have as many rights as even the illegals do. I will defend my house if I had to.”

“Our crime’s up. Our car break-ins are up. Our house burglaries are up,” Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin said.

Earlier this week, Axios reported that 50,000 migrants had been released into the country without a court date. These individuals were told to contact an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office once they reach their final destination. According to the report, only 13 percent of them have done so.

Carlson reported an immigration official told members of his staff that this has become standard operating procedure.

On Tuesday, the White House released a fact sheet in which it said, “We will always be a nation of borders, and we will enforce our immigration laws in a way that is fair and just. We will continue to work to fortify an orderly immigration system.”

Conditions at and near the border show the situation is anything but orderly.

On Wednesday, Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar, who represents a border district that includes the town of La Joya, Texas, told Fox Business News that Customs and Border Patrol “dropped off” illegals at a La Joya charity. If the charity was overwhelmed, CBP would simply drop them off at a hotel in town without alerting town officials.

Making matters worse, most of these migrants were unvaccinated and many were COVID-19 positive.

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Cuellar called on the Biden administration to “do a pause.” He also said the administration must show that some illegals are being deported. This, he believes, would serve as a deterrent. Although some migrants have been deported, the congressman said, it’s not being reported so no one is aware of it.

Interestingly, Fox News reported on an incident that occurred at a La Joya Whataburger restaurant on Tuesday.

An individual who had just dined at the restaurant flagged down a city police officer to tell him that a group of visibly sick migrants was seated at a nearby table. The officer went inside to speak to the family, who were coughing and sneezing. They told him “they had tested positive for the coronavirus and had been apprehended by Border Patrol agents several days prior before being released.”

Does the Biden administration treat illegal immigrants better than U.S. citizens?

They said “they were staying at the nearby Texas Inn & Suites. The hotel manager told authorities that the Catholic Charities of The Rio Grande Valley had booked rooms in the hotel to house undocumented immigrants detained by Border Patrol.”

More significantly, this is when South Texas authorities “learned that illegal immigrants who have possibly tested positive for COVID-19 were being released from federal custody to a Catholic charity, which booked hotel rooms for them without notifying local officials,” according to the report.

La Joya police Sgt. Manuel Casas said, “We did not know this. No one told the city of La Joya. No one told the police department that these people were here and no one told us that these people were possibly ill.”

“We have an understanding based on what was told to us that the hotel in totality has already been rented out,” Casas added. “The information we have is that everyone that is staying in that hotel is COVID-19 positive because it’s being rented out for them.”

This is Biden’s America, ladies and gentlemen.

The two most fundamental responsibilities of the federal government are to create and enforce our laws and to defend citizens against external enemies. Clearly, this administration is failing miserably at both.

Its plan to import a new bloc of future Democratic voters has taken priority over their obligations to U.S. citizens.

For now, the residents of South Texas are on the front lines of this crisis and they are bearing the brunt of the government’s dereliction of duty.

However, as more and more migrants move on from Texas into the interior of the country, we will all feel the burden. At the very least, we will feel it financially.

Currently, Texas residents are forced to protect themselves as illegals trespass on their land. Many migrants merely cross through these properties, but others camp out and some try to rob the owners. Imagine an elderly woman finding it necessary to carry a gun to water her garden.

Equally serious are the diseases the migrants bring with them. Yet they’re allowed to dine in our restaurants, stay in our hotels, travel on our buses and airplanes — no photo ID required — and are even given envelopes of cash, all while we foot the bill. Few of them have been vaccinated, and many are COVID positive.

In the meantime, U.S. citizens are shamed and blamed for not taking vaccines that have yet to be fully approved by the FDA and are being told once again to wear masks.

It’s good to be an illegal immigrant in America, isn’t it?

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