Insane Millennials Start New Hot Stove Challenge to Upstage Tide Pods


Millennials started with the “Tide Pod Challenge,” quickly switched to the “Animal Trap Challenge” and have now apparently landed on the “Hot Stove Challenge.”

This new creation by some moron on the internet seems to involve one warming up stove coils and then pressing his or her forearm on those smoldering-hot coils.

Brilliant. Just absolutely brilliant …

Video of this insanity can be watched here, but be warned, the language and images are graphic.

Dear parents: Where did we go wrong!?

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It’s not clear what motivated the “Dumb and Dumber” duo above to perform this stunt, though the timing of the video — it appeared on the social media site Reddit this week, according to Maxim magazine –suggests it may be tied to the whole “Tide Pod Challenge” debacle.

While it’s true young dolts (not to be confused with adults) have been performing stupid stunts since the dawn of civilization, it seems like social media has exacerbated this behavior by making it that much easier for them to advertise their stupid ideas to one another.

It hasn’t helped either that the internet is teeming with professional stuntmen who gladly advertise their own extreme stunts and pranks for everyone, including impressionable teenyboppers, to see.

Videos like this from The Dudesons, a four-man stunt group from Finland are exactly what we’re talking about. Again, be warned that the language and images are graphic.

Do these challenges concern you?

That was actually pretty funny. And since they’re professionals, I’m not really worried about their safety. By the way, I especially appreciate the warning at the start of the video: “This stunt is dangerous. Do not Try This At Home!”

But boy, given all the stupid stunts millennials have been partaking in lately, it wouldn’t really surprise me if this too soon becomes a challenge.

If only there were a way to convince millennials to take part in the “SHUT UP AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK CHALLENGE.”


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