This Isn't Satire: Liberal Media Fawn Over Biden's Bedtime, Fireplace and Video Game-Playing


The establishment media is fawning over President Joe Biden’s early bedtimes, his use of the Oval office fireplace and even his video game-playing habits as we’ve entered into a new era in media coverage of the White House.

While the coverage was vile, antagonistic and many times outright and intentionally dishonest when former President Donald Trump occupied the same position, reporters are now covering up Biden’s disastrous first four weeks by blanketing the 78-year-old with favorable coverage that’s beyond parody.

Of course, we knew to a degree with would happen. The activist media told us as much. But so far, some of the recent reports feel like satire.

Rather than focus on those who could lose potentially everything through Biden’s decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline with the stroke of a pen, or his community-straining executive orders on immigration, CNN on Monday wrote a story about how Biden sometimes like to put a log on the fire in the White House fireplace before calling a lid and going to sleep.

The network actually framed Biden’s low-energy activities and his schedule as if they were some sort of positive after its self-proclaimed journalists treated Trump, the hardest-working president in recent memory, like dirt.

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“President Biden has expressed a preference for a fire built in the Oval Office fireplace, and sometimes adds a log himself to keep it going. Unlike his recent predecessors, he’s more of an early-to-bed type. Here’s how Biden is settling into his new job,” CNN tweeted, along with a link to a story about Biden’s predictable routine.

CNN White House reporter Kevin Liptak apparently has access to Biden’s coming and goings, and he used that access to gift us all with this piece of intrepid journalism.

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“Unlike his most recent predecessors — night owls who spent the dark hours reading briefing materials (President Barack Obama) or watching television (President Donald Trump) — Biden is more of an early-to-bed type,” Liptak wrote. “He has continued a tradition of reading letters from Americans, a handful of which are tucked into the briefing materials he brings home in the evenings.”

Liptak, by the way, co-authored a story for CNN after the 2016 presidential election but before the inauguration, which complained, “Trump ditches press pool to play golf.”

The network reporter did not seem to lament his lack of access to Biden’s early bedtimes. But the tone of how the establishment media, and CNN, would cover Trump was set early.

Not to be outdone by CNN’s puff reporting, Newsweek proudly shared some of its reporting about Biden beating his granddaughter Naomi at Nintendo’s MarioKart this past weekend while vacationing at Camp David.

“Joe Biden, playing as Luigi, wins in Mario Kart race against granddaughter at Camp David,” the once-respected outlet reported.

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In a web story, Newsweek noted, “Biden sat on the right as Luigi, and Naomi is Princess Peach on the left … Despite not being at the same gaming level as his granddaughter, the commander-in-chief came out victorious.”

Replace the title “commander-in-chief” with the title “Dear Respected Kim Jon-un” and you’ve essentially seen Newsweek for what it is: state media.

ABC News also jumped on the MarioKart/Biden story.

In a lengthy piece of reporting from the network’s Michelle Stoddart, the reporter praised Biden for playing video games and for wearing “swag” at the Maryland retreat.

“Biden’s granddaughter Naomi Biden posted photos on social media of her grandfather in what she called ‘swag’ the family got for him since he’s now ‘literally’ president on Presidents Day weekend, including a khaki baseball cap with the Camp David insignia on the front,” Stoddart noted. “The cap said ‘Pop’ on the back, which she joked was to ‘make sure the job title doesn’t get to his head.’”

“Biden and his family returned to Washington on Monday afternoon. Naomi Biden, her boyfriend Peter Neal and Naomi’s dog, Charlie, were all aboard Air Force One,” Stoddart reported.

To demonstrate the exalted one’s status as both the leader of the free world, and apparently the country’s consummate animal whisperer, Stoddart concluded: “On the tarmac at Joint Base Andrews, Charlie Biden leapt up into the president’s seat in the motorcade.”

Trump worked up to 20 hours a day for the American people, yet couldn’t catch a break when he took a few hours away. He was excoriated by many of the same reporters who are now praising Biden for hiding from them and calling a lid early seemingly every night. That’s ignoring the fact that Biden just took a vacation a mere three and a half weeks into his term.

Biden is altering the course of people’s lives by signing one disastrous job-threatening executive order after another. Meanwhile, the coverage of the White House amid that and the ongoing pandemic is about MarioKart and the Oval Office fireplace.

Had Trump been reported to have placed a log onto a fire, CNN and others would no doubt would have demanded an investigation into the effects of the log’s emissions and into Trump’s personal carbon footprint.

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