Itxu Díaz: Joe Biden is Like an Opossum


The opossum, when cornered, plays dead. Its eyes widen, it stands still and it sticks out its tongue. And while this often deters predators, it tends to puzzle the critters that are part of its diet. This way, when it gets up and runs after some rodent gawking at the funeral spectacle, the prey seldom escapes.

Joe Biden is like an opossum.

He distracts the public by playing dead with his very long silences and by always taking a back seat. While everyone is entertained by watching Biden stare off into space, grin and remain motionless, the hunting companions of his party take advantage of the generated confusion.

In other words, Kamala Harris and other anomalies in American politics undertake controversial far-left initiatives exploiting the fact that public focus is on the marsupial president.

Like the opossum in mating season, Biden’s political position seems that of a harmless animal, colorless and odorless, until you decide to get closer and discover the horrible smell it releases to scare off its enemies and attract its peers. Yet Biden does this all year round, regardless of mating season.

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While Joe Biden resembles this cute marsupial, his government works with a worrying and strange obsession to legislate matters related to gender, as if the most powerful adviser were his son Hunter.

If man during medieval times was theocentric, and the Renaissance was anthropocentric, the current Democratic Party is genitalcentric — the philosophical mainstream according to which sexual organs are the measure of all things and the center of the universe.

Perhaps that is why a good part of the issues that the vice president deals with have to do with men who claim to be women in order to compete in the female sports category, with guys who want transitioning to run as smooth as tequila, and in long talks on sexual liberation that make women fall into a very deep sleep while their crush runs away never to return.

All of that, mind you, wrapped up in sweet poems by Amanda Gorman, who is like the graceful little butterfly that sits on the nose of the opossum, sweetening the fact that it is more or less an evolved rat.

Do you think President Biden is like an opossum?

As in nature, there are few things more dangerous than a government that is determined to appear harmless in front of the general public. The danger of animals that play dead is that their victims approach with curiosity and are, of course, gobbled up with relish by the alleged corpse.

While it appears that Biden is taking a very long nap, Harris is the one pulling the strings to violently transform American society without leaving a trace: globalism, multiculturalism, feminism, secularism, Islamism. Democrats are today the party of -isms.

Meanwhile, Biden’s natural predator hides under some secret hideout of the Republican Party, hibernating. No one knows exactly where it is. And when someone stands out, when someone dares to oppose, they are immediately swallowed up by their own companions, or by their respective related means.

If the president is an opossum, right now the Republicans look like hamsters eager to devour their own young, supposedly to guarantee the viability of the species. Someone should let them know that this tactic only works for hamsters.

Experts say that the most effective remedy to scare away opossums is to install one of those motion-activated lights. The varmint passes by, the light turns on, it panics and runs off leaving a horrible stench. Perhaps that same strategy is our last hope in defending ourselves against the extremist drift of the government: Shed light on the matter.

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Even though we knew this was going to happen, Kamala Harris must not continue working in the shadows while Joe Biden continues to rehearse his undaunted Tutankhamun facial expression.

There is an urgent need for a Republican leader, armed with a powerful flashlight, to take the helm and shed light on all those rats that run around in darkness, throwing balloon probes and expecting to legislate discretely while, on the outside and under the spotlights, Biden enacts his role as opossum with the scent of restraint, hollow words and his feigned smile of an adorable Christian grandpa who would never be in favor of abortion.

This article first appeared on The Western Journal en Español.

CORRECTION, March 1, 2021: This article originally identified the opossum as a rodent. It is, in fact, a marsupial. We apologize to our readers for the error. 

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Itxu Díaz is a Spanish journalist, political satirist and author. He has written nine books on topics as diverse as politics, music or smart appliances. He is a contributor to The Daily Beast, The Daily Caller, National Review, The American Conservative, The American Spectator and Diario Las Américas in the United States, and columnist for several Spanish magazines and newspapers. He was also an advisor to the Ministry for Education, Culture and Sports in Spain. Follow him on Twitter at @itxudiaz or visit his website