Jeans to Drink Bud Light In: Levi's Announces Expansion of 'Gender-Neutral' Line


Levi’s, the denim clothing brand, has announced it is “building out” their “gender-neutral” collection — despite the possibility of a boycott.

The move was revealed by Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh at an Axios BFD event in San Francisco, where he was asked about Bug Light’s recent “marketing stunt,” in which it partnered with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

“Bud Light’s recent marketing stunt shows where the backlash can come from. How do you market products in a world where people are more aware of their gender identities?” Axios’ Hope King asked Bergh, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

“We actually have a gender-neutral line. It was a small collection,” Bergh replied.

“We know that some women buy some men’s products and some men buy women’s products. We know that that goes on. We’ve got the research and the data to show it,” he said, adding: “That’s great.”

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Bergh said the company has slowly been “building out” the “gender-fluid” line, which he believes there’s “definitely consumer appetite for.”

“And we’re there for that,” Bergh said.

While Bergh seemed unbothered by the chances of a boycott, this is exactly what happened to Bud Light after it decided to turn their beer into a promotion of transgenderism.

The move resulted in the company suffering a significant drop in sales throughout the U.S.

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However, the difference with Levi’s is the speed with which the company has promoted their LGBT-themed attire.

The Toronto Sun reported that the company launched their first line of unisex products in February 2017.

Levi’s said at the time, according to the Sun: “The 2017 collection marks the first addition of unisex attire, truly gender-neutral looks that go beyond simply putting a feminine twist on a masculine style.”

A few years later, during the pandemic, Levi’s released a guide to unisex shopping.

The guide explained that their brand is about creating “styles that work equally for all — non-binary, female, and male bodies,” the Mail reported.

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“We’ve always believed in the power of self-expression. It’s part of our DNA. We want you to wear what feels right and speaks to your true self,” Levi’s reportedly wrote in the blog post, according to the Sun.

Bergh’s announcement shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering his many political comments throughout the years.

According to the Daily Mail, Bergh has been outspoken in promoting his beliefs, whether they be about voting rights, gun laws, or climate change.

Bergh has been the president and CEO of Levi’s since 2011. Prior to that, he worked at Procter & Gamble for 28 years.

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