Jenna Bush Hager Accused of Having 'Rude' Behavior During Segment with Celeb Designer


Was this segment rude?

Some viewers are questioning if the daughter of former President George W. Bush behaved rudely during a Wednesday broadcast of “The Today Show” on NBC.

Jenna Bush Hager appeared to argue with designer Nate Berkus on the broadcast.

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Hager is a co-host of the morning show.

The host and Berkus — an interior design expert — disputed how to properly arrange a pillow on a bed in the segment, both mentioning their qualifications as to the question.

“You like it like that?”

“See, my mom was a librarian, and she just liked it like…” Hager reacted to Berkus’ arrangement of the pillows, moving the item to her preferred position.

Do you think her behavior was rude?

“And my mom was a decorator,” Berkus responded, co-host Hoda Kotb laughing at an uncomfortable situation.

Viewers of the segment blasted Hager for being pushy and argumentative over the arrangement of pillows.

Some took to criticizing Hager’s behavior as “rude,” accusing her of speaking over the interior decorator and hijacking the segment for herself, according to The Sun.

“Jenna was rude — it doesn’t matter that they’re friends — let Nate demonstrate! She is not open to any ideas but hers!” one viewer commented.

“Oh my gosh, again Jenna?!!” Instagram user michellehacklo said of the awkward segment.

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“Poor Nate, just trying to do his thing and Jenna once again taking over.”

“Pretty soon you’re not going to be able to get people for the show because they aren’t able to talk about what they came to do because Jenna takes over.”

Another fan questioned the premise of arguing over something as trivial as a pillow.

“Geez people, lighten up. It’s about the placement of a pillow,” another Instagram user said of the segment.

“If I was going to hire a decorator, it wouldn’t be to tell me how to place a pillow on a bed.”

Fans have also recently soured on the content of “The Today Show,” according to The Sun.

Some fans have noticed that the show is increasingly broadcast in a pre-recorded format, rather than live.

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