Jessa Duggar Tells Cameras Son Has Cradle Cap. Fans Take Closer Look & Start Criticizing


The internet and social media have many commendable uses. How else would you be able to catch a few new recipes or grab a YouTube video on how to fix your washing machine?

Unfortunately, there are many less-positive uses of the web as well. Bullying and unasked-for advice are two of those issues.

This is especially noticeable if you are transparent about your own life. You will get people advising you on this or that, constantly and without asking.

But if you’re a celebrity … there’s no way you can hide from the public eye and their recommendations.

Jessa Seewald, formerly Jessa Dugger, knows this well. And when you throw kids into the mix, moms everywhere will pop in with (perhaps not-so) expert advice for you.

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Jessa’s second son, Henry, experienced flaky skin and other symptoms of cradle cap at a mere three months old. A common issue for babies, it shouldn’t have been too serious.

She mentioned this to the public, but she also mentioned that she had tried plenty of remedies to soothe her child’s skin.

“But I tried a lot of different washes, lotions, creams, and things like that,” she said, “and then I started to figure it out that this was actually eczema and probably an allergy.”

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While she keeps an eye on it, Jessa has also had to act to keep her son from making his own condition worse.

“Henry has some pretty bad flare-ups on his head and in his neck creases and so we have to keep socks on his hands to keep him from scratching it,” she added.

Of course, this sharing was as good as admitting guilt, and moms everywhere jumped the gun to tell her what she was doing wrong.

Did they know her or her specific scenario? No. Did they know her son or his specific sensitivities? No.

Did that stop them from piping up and offering their “expertise?” Also no.

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Since her mention of Henry’s skin condition, plenty of people have chimed in with their tried-and-true remedies.

“I just saw the episode of Henry and his eczema allergy,” said one commenter. “I saw you eating eggs, and eggs can also be a huge flare up. Good luck and god willing he should grow out of it fast!”

Another added that her son, too, had a skin condition and that they’d traced it back to an allergy as well: “My son has eczema too, we found out it’s a wheat, egg, and soy allergy.”

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Mr. Squishels

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Yet another mother revealed that the very means Jessa has been using to help ease her son’s condition might be causing the discomfort and rash, since her own daughter had developed an allergy to Lavender, which was in the lotions they were using.

Despite all these overeager diagnosers, Jessa had already gone on a strict diet to try to determine what exactly her son was allergic to. So apparently mother does know best — for her own child.

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