Jim Carrey Takes Sickening Jab at Sarah Sanders' Christian Faith


Hollywood actor Jim Carrey has been a big-screen celebrity for decades, releasing some of the best comedy in cinema history.

But ever since President Donald Trump took office, it seems as if Carrey’s all but flushed his remarkable career down the drain trying to be the biggest liberal bully on the internet.

On Friday, Carrey tweeted out a picture of a new painting featuring White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who will soon be leaving her position at the White House to spend time with her family in Arkansas.

Carrey didn’t have to comment on her departure, but he did. And it was nothing short of disgusting.

“Good Riddance, Sarah Huckabee Sanders! Now the only one you have to lie to is Jesus,” Carrey tweeted.

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The bizarre artwork depicts a crude rendition of Sanders sporting a red halo and praying at the foot of the cross.

Carrey had to stoop pretty low to paint an image as disturbing as that one — but, then again, hitting below the belt has become the norm for the comedic actor and his Hollywood elitist ilk.

Do you think Jim Carrey’s artwork is disturbing?

This isn’t the first time the deranged actor has stirred controversy with his “art.”

In March 2018, Carrey launched a similar attack on Sarah Sanders and her strong Christian faith.

“This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked,” Carrey captioned the tweet. “Monstrous!”

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Many Twitter users raked Carrey over the coals, but one of the most popular responses came from a voter in “the center” who was confused by the attack against Sarah Sanders.

“I’m surprised to see so many on the left mocking someone’s appearance. I thought they were trying to bring America in a better direction leaving this sort of stuff behind, At least that’s what they’re [sic] messages have sounded like from the center. Actions are contradictory though,” Bill D. wrote.

Another commenter criticized Carrey’s visually unappealing style of art, saying, “Please please take a basic art class and learn some technique. 4th graders have more art skill.”

Ouch. But he’s not wrong.

At the end of the day, Sanders is nothing less than a great American who will likely go down as one of the most impressive and skilled press secretaries in U.S. history.

An artistic assault by a whack-job, liberal comedian will never change that.

Mrs. Sanders, you essentially have half of this entire nation supporting you, don’t ever forget that.

And we wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.

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