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Joe Biden Bought a Beachfront Home in 2017. Does That Make Him a Science Denier?

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If you ever want to know what people on the left really believe, just ignore what they say and watch what they do.

That’s actually good advice for dealing with anyone in life, but it’s especially true when dealing with a cadre as prone to confabulation as the left.

Former President Barack Obama made headlines in August when he purchased a $15 million beachfront home.

Many of us asked why, if the president believed the climate change propaganda he peddles, he purchased a home in such a dangerous place. After all, sea levels are supposed to rise.

Now the Washington Free Beacon has done a little digging into a similar beachfront house owned by former Vice President Joe Biden.

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And the outlet found that the Democratic presidential candidate’s $3 million beach home is in deep trouble.

It turns out that by the year 2100, the nearly 5,000 square foot home will be totally underwater. At least that’s the extreme scenario predicted by Climate Central, a group funded by — you guessed it — Obama and Biden’s own administration.

It’s not just Biden’s home either. According to Climate Central’s scenario, his entire neighborhood will be submerged.

But it gets worse. The year 2100 isn’t the year Biden needs to watch. He actually may not even make it to 2045 without issues. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, Biden’s house has a high risk of being “chronically inundated” by global warming-related floods.

Do you think Biden really believes his house will flood?

For those of you interested, “chronic inundation” is defined as “flooding that occurs 26 times or more per year.”

That’s right: By 2045, every couple of weeks Biden’s dream beach home will be flooded.

According to the Free Beacon, “Biden bought the house in 2017 for just about $500,000 less than the $3,258,595 it was initially sold for in 2007, and about $250,000 less than the $2,995,00 it was listed for in 2016. It is unclear whether the discount was because others were more concerned about the coming impacts of climate change than Biden was.”

That last sentence is absolutely perfect: Again, if you ever want to know what people on the left really believe, just ignore what they say and watch what they do.

Biden doesn’t believe in the extremist, alarmist climate change malarkey any more than do the rest of us not named Ocasio-Cortez.

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Nobody spends $3 million on property he thinks will be worthless unless he plans to unload it on some poor schmuck before the bottom falls out — or in this case, the sea rolls in.

Leftist politicians and celebrities are notorious for hypocritical climate alarmism.

Celebrities love beachfront property but say sea levels will wipe out coastal habitations.

Environmentalists condemn air travel yet flock to global warming conferences by plane.

Looking at these inconsistencies, there are only two possible solutions:

Either leftists don’t believe what they’re telling us or they believe what they’re telling us but refuse to live any differently.

On the one hand, you have liars, and on the other, you have staggeringly cynical hypocrites who think they have the right to live better than everyone else.

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