Joe Biden: ‘Everybody Knows I Like Kids Better Than People’


President Joe Biden really covered himself in glory during his Tuesday night chat with CNN’s Anderson Cooper during the outlet’s town hall in Milwaukee.

Not really.

Knowing what could go wrong, I was somewhat surprised Biden’s handlers allowed him to participate in the town hall event at all.

The president offered Cooper a warm greeting and said, “And you know you enjoy being at home with your baby more.” This was a reference to Cooper’s nearly 10-month-old baby.

Still smiling, Biden said, “Everybody knows I like kids better than people.”

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Aside from the fact that kids are people too, this remark flies in the face of Biden’s support of abortion and his administration’s refusal to force teachers to return to schools.

In order to compete with the far-left field of Democratic candidates, Biden seemingly felt the need to abandon many of his more “centrist” positions. One of these was his decades-long support for the 1976 Hyde Amendment, legislation that prevents taxpayer funds from paying for abortions (with several exceptions).

Is it possible to love kids and support abortion?

In June 2019, Biden’s famous flip-flopped position on the Hyde Amendment made headlines. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich wrote in an Op-Ed at the time, “After a few days of pressure, Biden caved to the left. A lifetime career of citing his Catholicism was washed away by the radical left in less than a week.”

The issue of the Hyde Amendment came up during White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s daily briefing on Tuesday. Psaki was asked if the Biden administration would violate the Hyde Amendment, and she refused to provide a definitive answer.

Here is their exchange (via The Daily Wire):

EWTN reporter Owen Jensen asked Psaki, “We know where President Biden stands on Hyde Amendment. But that being said, can this administration right now guarantee if the American rescue plan is passed that no taxpayer dollars will go to the abortion industry?”

Psaki replied, “Well, the president’s view on the Hyde Amendment is well known as you have stated in your question.”

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“He also believes that community health centers are a key part of addressing the pandemic of ensuring that people and communities have access to vaccines, have access to treatment and information about making sure they’re healthy and their loved ones are healthy,” the press secretary continued.

“So that remains a priority to the president. He’s shared his view on the Hyde Amendment. I don’t think I have anything for you.”

Unsatisfied with Psaki’s response, Jensen asked again: “If I can follow up on that, can you guarantee Americans who don’t want their tax dollars, pro-life Americans who don’t want their tax dollars funding abortion, can the administration guarantee those taxpayer dollars won’t go to the abortion industry?”

“Well, I think, Owen, as I’ve just noted, three-quarters of the public supports the components of the package, wants to see the pandemic get under control, wants to see people put back to work, vaccines in arms. So I think that answers your question. Okay, we’re gonna move on.”

In late January, Politico reported on a number of executive orders Biden had signed which reversed several Trump anti-abortion policies.

One of the orders reversed the Mexico City policy, “a rule barring U.S. foreign aid from going to any organization that provides abortions or abortion counseling.”

The outlet reported, “The decades-old funding ban has been killed and reinstated several times by presidents along party lines and has been in effect for 20 of the past 35 years.”

In another executive order, Biden withdrew the U.S. from the Geneva Consensus Declaration, an anti-abortion agreement which stipulates that “there is no international right to abortion, nor any international obligation on the part of States to finance or facilitate abortion,” according to the declaration document.

In addition to the Biden administration’s strong support for abortion, it has shown that pandering to the powerful teachers unions is more important than putting our children back in classrooms.

Despite the tremendous damage virtual learning is inflicting on America’s youth and their families, and the green light from numerous experts to reopen schools for in-person learning, the administration has refused to open up schools.

Biden’s actions throughout his first month in office belie his stated love for kids. He supports abortion and he’s okay with keeping kids trapped in their homes, away from their classrooms and the social interaction that is so critical to their development.

In the final analysis for Biden and most Democrats, given the choice between doing what’s right or taking more power and money, they’ll choose the latter every time.

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