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John Kerry's Family Fights for Border Security at Palatial French Villa Because of Terrorism

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Following the law is for the little people, and enforcing secure borders is only for elites.

That seems to be the conclusion after the family of John Kerry rejected rules about land access in France, while demanding that migrants and hikers be kept away from their multi-million dollar property.

Kerry, the former liberal senator, presidential candidate, and secretary of state, spends a significant amount of time at his family’s ancestral home in Saint-Briac-sur-Mer, a beach escape and resort playground for the elite.

It’s a lifestyle that most people in America and indeed the world can’t afford, and Kerry’s family seems intent on keeping it that way.

The laws of France say that a portion of all beaches must be public access, but the wealthy Saint-Briac residents don’t think that law applies to them.

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“Hikers demanding right of way along a pristine stretch of coastal France are locked in a legal war with villa owners in a posh Brittany resort town, not least the family of US statesman and former presidential candidate John Kerry,” an AFP report published by MSN stated.

“Under French law the country’s coastlines must be accessible to all,” the outlet continued. “But for decades Saint-Briac leaders have steadfastly refused to obey via a series of legal moves, in particular Senghor’s predecessor Brice Lalonde — Kerry’s first cousin.”

While Democrats including Kerry act as if they are voices for the common man and the world’s downtrodden, there’s nothing “common” about the former secretary of state’s background and jet-set life.

“(John Kerry and Brice Lalonde’s) grandfather James Forbes bought the Essarts castle in Saint-Briac in 1928 and it has remained in the family since, being rebuilt as a villa after it was confiscated and later destroyed by the Nazis in World War II,” AFP explained.

Does this demand from Kerry's family make him look hypocritical?

“Kerry speaks French and has regularly spent time at the estate, most recently joining his relatives to celebrate its 90th year in the family last July,” the news source continued.

Now, the family of the liberal icon is doing everything they can to keep pesky commoners and migrants from stepping foot near their villa — even if it means using large walls to do it.

“The path (migrant hikers use) will impact the well-being of residents by knocking down their walls and ruining their privacy,” complained Lalonde, Kerry’s cousin.

Lalonde told AFP that Kerry’s extended family is worried about the “terrorist risks” of allowing common people onto the beach as French law requires, and fretted that “it will be fairly easy to target members of my family who are politically active.”

So let’s get this straight: Liberals in both France and the United States frequently push socialist views, and insist that the “rich” must do “their fair share” to benefit anyone less fortunate.

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The same open-borders liberals declare that building walls to prevent illegal entry is racist — and don’t even think about suggesting that unrestricted migration or open access could be exploited by terrorists. That would make you literally Hitler.

But if you’re a powerful former senator or his wealthy family, none of that applies. Suddenly, walls are amazing and keeping people from walking near your property — they could be terrorists! — is hugely important. The hypocrisy and double-standards are just too much to stomach.

“Laws must be followed… and anybody who doesn’t follow them is a thug,” scolded a French attorney and avid hiker named Patrice Petitjean.

“All the communities along the coast of the Ille-et-Vilaine department have adopted the law, except (Kerry’s) Saint-Briac,” he said.

One set of rules for thee, and one set for me. Liberal elitism has once again been exposed as a power-consolidating sham.

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