Judge Surprises with Devastating Ruling Against Kari Lake, But She Immediately Spoils It with a Major Announcement


An Arizona judge has delivered a devastating ruling against Kari Lake’s election lawsuit, but leftists may not want to be celebrating this development just yet.

On Saturday, The Hill reported that Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson dismissed Lake’s case claiming that she did not have enough evidence to prove intentional misconduct on the part of Maricopa County election officials that was sufficient to challenge the election results.

The Hill also reports that Judge Thompson had previously dismissed eight other counts in Lake’s lawsuit, saying that they did not constitute proper grounds for an election contest.

Yet despite this ruling, this issue looks far from over, as Lake does not appear to be giving up any time soon.

In response to the ruling, Lake took to Twitter on Saturday, saying, “for the sake of restoring faith and honesty in our elections, I will appeal his ruling.”

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Texas state representative also came out in support of Lake, saying, “The establishment mistakenly thinks they’ve delivered a death blow to @KariLake. Little do they know they’ve created a powerhouse who will lead a movement in #Arizona that ensures their demise. Mrs. Lake doesn’t know how to give up. #onward.”

Will this end Kari Lake’s challenges to the election?

Indeed, it seems as if Kari Lake has no intention of giving up that easily.

Now, it is true that her chances of launching a successful challenge to the election results are minimal. As Kari Lake War Room wrote on Twitter in response to the ruling, the law in Arizona, “apparently allows for elections to be stolen.”

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But it does speak to some serious security concerns surrounding the 2022 election in Arizona.

For instance, videos have emerged from election day that shows potentially illegal voter harvesting taking place in Maricopa County.

Perhaps the biggest problem, however, was faulty tabulation machines that rejected ballots for no reason.

This is not about favoring one candidate over the other, this is about ensuring that our elections are secure and transparent so that people do not feel the need to question the results.

Whatever does become of this case, one thing is clear, the last two election cycles have shown that there is a lot of work that needs to be done in order for us to resurrect faith in our elections.

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