Junky Old Filing Cabinet Was Going to the Curb but Changed Her Mind When She Got Idea


Remember back in the olden days when all of our bills and important papers were actually paper and not digital files?

Keeping all of those things required many of us to get some sort of a filing cabinet.

Some chose the Rubbermaid filing system, wherein they got a plastic container, shoved it full of papers, and then pushed it under the bed.

Still, others were a little more…professional, and got a metal filing cabinet, the kind you often associate with offices.

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Well, with the digital transformation, one DIYer found herself with an unneeded filing cabinet. Rather than carry it off to Goodwill though, she had an idea.

First, she cleaned it out and then removed all of the drawers. With the drawers out and aside, she took a sandpaper block and roughed up the exterior paint job along the four sides.

Safety tip – use gloves and a breathing mask as you’re not only knocking paint particles into the air, but most likely rust too.

And you’re not trying to strip the cabinet, just preparing the surface for a fresh color.

She chose to use a copper-colored Rust-Oleum branded paint. Of course, you can make the color choice you need to in order to match your design aesthetic.

One coat of this paint should do the trick, although again, the design is up to you.

In the video, we can see that she uses some tape to create a pattern of stripes across the cabinet.

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Now the paint has to try, so you can grab a drink and a magazine and wait it out. When the paint has dried, flip the entire cabinet onto its side.

You’ll do this so you can work with the bottom. Grab a drill and put four holes in the bottom, one in each corner.

The holes should be large enough that you can fit canister wheels into each. Once the wheels are in and secure, just flip it back over and you’re done.

Our DIYer created a tool organizer, but you could use your creation to hold sports equipment, gardening supplies, and so much more.

What do you think? Ready to turn some unneeded items in your home into some practical pieces?

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