Justice for Robinson: Jailed UK Journalist Is Appealing 13 Month Sentence


Tommy Robinson, who was arrested May 25 for reporting on a case involving four Muslim men accused of grooming and raping a teenage girl, is set to appeal his 13-month jail sentence.

Robinson is appealing his sentence in order to cut his sentence, the BBC reported Thursday, and the Muslim gang trial had to be re-run.

After Robinson’s arrest, tens of thousands of free-speech activists took to the streets to demonstrate their support for him, calling on the U.K. government to free him.

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, was recently moved to a new prison and wrote a letter that outlines his fear of being killed by Muslims for his strict stance on immigration.

“(F)or a while now I’ve been sure that I will be murdered for opposing Islam. A scary thought. But not as scary as thinking it will make no difference,” Robinson wrote on June 17. “I’ve always said I’d sacrifice my life tomorrow if it would end the Islamic takeover of our beautiful land.”

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The judge ordered a media gag order for four days after Robinson was charged with “contempt of court” for reporting on the case, which under his prohibition for a similar sentence he received was barred from doing, even if it is “fair, accurate, and contemporaneous” information.

Robinson is the former leader of the English Defense League, which he left in 2013.

“We have risen from the English working class to act, lead and inspire in the struggle against global Islamification,” the EDL’s mission statement reads.

The group has received some criticism from the British Criminology Conference in 2010 over being “Islamophobic” for their controversial stance against Islam and Muslim immigration.

Do you think Tommy Robinson should be freed?

The EDL’s concerns over “Islamification” are based off the U.K.’s immigration policies — which if left in place, the Muslim population would go from 4.1 million in 2016 to 13 million by 2050, tripling the population, according to Pew Research.

“Overall, an estimated 43 percent of all migrants to the UK between mid-2010 and mid-2016 were Muslims,” Pew Research noted.

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