After Kavanaugh Win, Midterms Are a Chance To Defeat the Left's Ugly, Inhuman Philosophy


There is something utterly wrong going on in the leftist camp. Every time you think that there is no further way of hitting the bottom, the left goes an extra mile to prove otherwise.

Just right now, America dodged the bullet when she defended one of her best people, Brett Kavanaugh, and brought him to the Supreme Court despite the obscene and absolutely despicable attempts made by the left to destroy his career and reputation by staging false rape accusations against him. “Whatever happens, I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life,” tweeted Steven Colbert’s writer.

The left is evidently radicalizing politically, when adapting an unnatural and provenly harmful socialist ideology into their programs and rhetoric, but it is only a tip of the iceberg. Its everyday political style is also degrading as they reject a basic civil manner of dealing with their opponents. Harassment of the conservative politicians and public figures, ousting of conservative speakers out of colleges, blocking highways and vandalism have become a commonplace of the leftist activism.

Notably, the Democratic leaders, instead of condemning this kind of behavior, often encourage it, like Hillary Clinton who claims in her recent interview that the Democrats can’t stay civil until they win back the House and the Senate. Or Maxine Waters who urged her supporters to harass the Trump administration’s members, or Nancy Pelosi who played with the idea of national uprising against Trump’s immigration policy. Or ex-President Obama, who advised “concerned” people “not to be silent” during the massive anti-Trump protests.

Perhaps it would be pointless to recall all cases of the sick comments and performances of the Hollywood and other celebrities made against Trump, his family and the Republicans:

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A disturbingly realistic “Trump” chopped-off head in the hands of Kathy Griffin; Samantha Bee’s calling the first daughter a “feckless c–t”; Jimmy Kimmel’s suggestion to “cut off a pesky penis of Brett Kavanaugh’s”; never-ending mocking of Melania Trump’s accent while shedding crocodile tears over the illegal immigrants – there are too many examples of the left’s “new normal.”

In his brilliant article, “Here’s why leftists feel entitled to ignore all common rules of decency,” Dennis Prager argues that it is all happening due to the leftists’ rejection of the middle-class, bourgeois, and Judeo-Christian religious values as the left feels morally superior to follow the common rules of decency and civility. In Nietzsche’s words, they are “beyond good and evil.”

It is notable that Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Übermensch,” or “Beyond-Man,” was described by him as an ultimate goal of humanity that denounces Christian values and morals. “God is dead,” proclaimed Nietzsche, and, thus, anything was permitted. This philosophical approach was utilized by the ideologists of the Third Reich to justify their Nazi theory and policy which practical implementation led to the Holocaust and World War II.

But it is much more than just feeling “morally superior,” as a very definition of morals is being denounced by the left. In ethics, this position is called a moral nihilism. According to it, nothing can be inherently moral or immoral. Morality is viewed as a list of artificial rules that may benefit people who chose to follow them.

Is conservative America defeating the left's nihilism?

At the same time, if someone feels that following these rules is not beneficial, there is nothing “wrong” if he or she decides against it. For moral nihilists, there is nothing “wrong” in false rape accusations, or “punching Nazis in the face,” or destroying another people’s property and even lives. Of course, there is also a legal side to these issues – but fines that are paid and even prison sentences that are served do not seem like a high price to pay for execution of the Beyond-Men’s will.

There is another profoundly insightful theory that comes to mind when one tries to reflect on the left’s rapid degradation.

It is a theory of Arnold J. Toynbee, a British historian and philosopher who argued in his “Study of History” that the “Civilizations were not humankind’s supreme work of art. Rather, the supreme end and goal of human life was a more perfect communion with God, and this was achieved, however imperfectly, by the higher religions (that formed civilizations).”

In a stable civilization, even in the secular societies, people of all religious affiliations and atheists alike still follow the same сore moral rules, as well as the laws, that were influenced by the religion of the founders of a particular civilization and which bind it together. For the Western civilization that includes the U.S. and the Western Europe, it was Judeo-Christianity.

A civilization progresses and advances, when its leaders (“creative minority”) can produce adequate “answers” to the “challenges” of the inner and outer environment. When a “creative minority” degrades, a civilization starts to decay. This process is always accompanied by a moral decline, which, in turn, accelerates a downfall of a civilization.

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Naturally, it is easier and more pleasant to self-indulge rather than trying follow some perfect moral example that requires a discipline, determination and often self-sacrifice. This striving to be a better person is crucial for the advance of human societies. And, on the contrary, selfishness paired with societal amorality never play out well for people. As another prominent Brit, Judge
Patrick Devlin put it, “an established morality is as necessary as good government to the welfare of society. Societies disintegrate from within more frequently than they are broken up by external pressures.”

Furthermore, according to the theory of civilizations developed by Oswald Spengler in his book “The Decline of the West,” the indications of a civilization’s decline include a social massification, when people start to resemble a herd that has nothing sacred but money and power instead of heroism and patriotism; materialism; wars for the world domination; inclination to the authoritarian forms of government. But it is an exact description of the state and stance of the leftists on the both sides of the pond!

Luckily for the West, its healthy part rejects moral nihilism and the type of policies it inspires as it sees a vital danger in it. A society governed by the moral nihilists is not only ugly, it is deeply inhuman and destined to self-destruction. Hopefully, its apologists will suffer another defeat this November.

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