Kayleigh McEnany Provides Major Update on New Book: 'Christ Is at Work Even Amid the Chaos'


Former White House press secretary and current Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany shared a video update on her forthcoming book Tuesday on Twitter.

As expected, it was inspiring and thoughtful and elicited feelings of hope for many of the people who came across it.

The former face of the Trump administration is strong in her morals and unparalleled in her capacity to balance femininity and ferociousness.

McEnany’s book “Serenity in the Storm: Living Through Chaos by Leaning on Christ” is sure to offer a lot of insight into what drives her.

She wrapped the recording of the audio version Tuesday and graced social media with a few updates about the book, which she said has a heavy focus on current events.

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“I talk about the chaos we live in and how Christ is at work even amid the chaos. … I take us through the fall of Afghanistan, but then I talk about how the underground church is on the rise, and it’s growing, and it’s prospering,” McEnany said from the studio in a video shared on Twitter.

She said the book also delves into why God allows “pain and suffering.”

“It’s a tough question,” the mom of two said.

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McEnany said the book also will cover the United States’ movement away from God at an alarming rate as well as proof of God in science and Christian apologetics.

She said she took a deep dive into academics who found faith in their respective studies.

“They all started out as skeptics. … Some [set out] to disprove Christ and in doing so they came to the realization that Jesus Christ is the savior.”

McEnany’s voice was hoarse, which she said was from balancing her job at Fox News co-hosting “Outnumbered” and recording the audio version of the book on a tight schedule.

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“I read 243 pages in two days,” she said. “It’s a lot.”

Many of her Twitter followers were inspired by the message she shared and expressed their excitement about the book’s release. The video had racked up more than 140,000 views by early Wednesday afternoon.

McEnany garnered a lot of attention as a commentator on CNN prior to the 2016 GOP primary.

She made herself a household name when she challenged the lies of the establishment media daily as press secretary for Donald Trump during his last year in the White House.

The cable news host, author, wife and mother has a voice the world needs to hear. It’s a blessing she has decided to share it.

Serenity in the Storm” is scheduled to be released May 2.

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