This Kentucky Billboard Is Why We Need the 2nd Amendment


An allegedly vandalized billboard along Interstate 65 in Louisville, Kentucky, seen by countless locals over the weekend offered the most potent evidence yet of why the Second Amendment must remain a core right of the American people, no matter the protestations of liberal activists.

Plastered across the billboard in large letters were the chilling words “KILL THE NRA.” Underneath this message was written “Resist 45.”

The company that owns the billboard, Outfront Media, confirmed to local station WAVE this Monday that this disgusting message was not part of any advertising campaign but rather the result of clear-cut vandalism.

Outfront Media further vowed to remove the controversial message, though according to WAVE it still remained as of 5 p.m. Monday afternoon.


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This billboard comes in the wake of a mass shooting last week in Florida, where a deranged suspect used an AR-15 to murder 17 people at a high school.

Following the tragedy, both the media and social media blew up with renewed calls for strict gun control legislation, with anti-gun zealots demanding everything from a ban on AR-15s to even the disbandment of the National Rifle Association.

While it’s presumed this billboard was meant as a push to force the disbandment of the NRA, its use of the word “kill” is both inappropriate and dangerous.

Do you value the Second Amendment?

But it’s also a stark reminder of why the Second Amendment exists in the first place: To allow the American people, including members of the NRA, to protect themselves from those who might attempt to harm them.

American people like a Houston homeowner who used an AR-15 last year to stop three thugs from killing him during a drive-by. And American people like like a 65-year-old New Hampshire grandmother who used a handgun two years ago to stop a thug from robbing her.

Dovetailing back to the NRA, it’s because of its committed activism that AR-15s and handguns still remain accessible to the American people.

Particularly AR-15s, which liberals have been trying to ban for decades.

“What we want from you right now is to ban assault weapons; we want you to make it impossible for civilians to have AR-15s. Period,” wrote New York Daily News columnist Linda Stasi last week, directing her ire at President Donald Trump.

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Except AR-15s “are almost never used to commit violent crimes,” according to FBI statistics cited by Reason magazine.

However, for whatever reason, facts like this always slip by anti-gun zealots, who prefer peddling false narratives about the NRA, gun violence and Second Amendment to being honest about the great value gun rights provide to everyday Americans, particularly the law-abiding ones.

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