Kimberly Guilfoyle Takes Swipe at Ex-Husband During Speech: 'I Got News for Him...' And He Won't Like It


Who can forget Kimberly Guilfoyle? She was one of the hardest-hitting conservative commentators at Fox News. Eventually, she left the business to become an adviser to former President Donald Trump and is engaged to none other than his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

But what many might not know — or remember — is that before Trump Jr., Guilfoyle was married to Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom. A San Francisco prosecuting attorney, Guilfoyle was also the first lady of the Golden City.

However, the two have been on the outs for years, and during her recent keynote speech at the conservative star-studded America Fest, a Turning Point USA-hosted event, Guilfoyle absolutely buried Newsom, and the crowd went bonkers with delight.

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“In California, they have vowed to get rid of gas-powered cars with no explanation of how they are going to fund and power alternatives. A bunch of winners over there, too, folks. Yeah, ask me how I know,” Guilfoyle said. It took a few seconds for the joke about her marriage to Newsom to set in, but the crowd could be heard roaring with laughter.

When the audience quieted, Guilfoyle nuked her ex-husband, who many believe has run California into the ground.

Will Gavin Newsom ever be anything more than a failed governor?

“I got news for him, he ain’t making it to the White House,” Guilfoyle said, drawing more cheers and laughter.

Guilfoyle was presumably referencing speculation that Newsom could be a top Democratic contender for a 2024 White House run should President Joe Biden decide not to go for it, Politico noted.

Virtually everyone knows the likelihood of Biden running, even though he claims the contrary, is extremely slim.

But if you think Biden is a dangerous president, given his disastrous policymaking decisions, one can only imagine what a hypothetical President Newsom would mean for the United States. We already face years of an exceedingly tough road to get back to how things were under Trump, and that’s if we’re lucky enough to elect a Republican.

If Newsom were to storm the Democratic presidential nomination process and become the Democratic Party’s pick for 2024 — because let’s face it, Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t the party’s best chance, either — then the United States faces the real possibility of mirroring Newsom’s failure to run what was once the most stunning and wonderful state in the nation.

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What’s that mean for America?

For starters, out-of-control crime, a continuance of disastrous immigration policy, sky-high gas and energy prices, mismanaged infrastructure grids, sickening corruption, and the list goes on and on.

“Gavin Newsom thinks he will be President someday. That’s funny given that he’s one of the worst Governors in American history,” one Twitter user wrote.

Being the slick-haired, smooth-talking Democrat that he is — whether it’s 2024, 2028, or beyond, there’s a good chance Newsom will toss his hat in the ring for a chance at taking over the Oval Office.

Let’s hope and pray that we can counter his future career ambitions by ensuring a Republican stays in that position because it’s fair to say that the United States will not survive another president who kowtows to the progressive, radical leftists of his party.

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