Kyle Kashuv Celebrates 1st Day of School with Brutal Sheriff Israel Takedown


Conservative teen activist Kyle Kashuv from Parkland, Florida, had some strong words to share with The Western Journal about his recent tweet calling out Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

Kashuv’s message was a response to a tweet from the Broward Sheriff’s Office Twitter account, where they claimed they were “committed to ensuring the safety of your child this school year.”

Seeing the irony in that commitment, Kashuv tweeted a stinging reply.

“I’m glad you claim to be committed to it this year, but why weren’t you committed to it last year? #FixIt,” the teen wrote.

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Since the Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Sheriff Israel has come under fire in his entire community — including his own officers — and far beyond for how poorly he handled his team’s response to the shooting.

“The Coward of Broward, Scott Israel, is trying to play nice-nice now that the entire Nation is watching, but the people of Broward will never forget the 17 people we lost due to his incompetency,” Kashuv told The Western Journal.

Israel has been reluctant to accept any responsibility for his actions on the day of the shooting, and has actively worked to shift the blame onto others.

As Jeff Bell, president of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association, told CNN, “[Israel] fails to listen to the people. He fails to listen to the membership and he wants to blame everybody else for his problems.”

Despite Israel receiving a vote of no confidence from his officers, the only way he can be removed from office is if current Florida Governor Rick Scott fires him — an event that seems unlikely to Kashuv.

The teen has put his full support behind Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis.

Do you think Sheriff Israel should be fired?

“The arm of Justice is swift and future governor Ron DeSantis isn’t going to let this slide,” Kashuv said. “One of the reasons I have vehemently supported Congressman DeSantis for governor is because I know Israel’s pink slip is on its way with him as governor.”

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According to ABC 10 News, DeSantis himself said during a debate in early July, “I would have removed that sheriff from Broward County. He failed his citizens and he should have been removed.”

Kashuv made it more than clear what his final opinion was on the matter.

“It’s a shame that so many quality deputies who risk their lives daily have to be associated with such an utter fool in Scott Israel.”

The teen is definitely on to something.

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