Leftist Attempt to Get DeSantis Out of Office Backfires: 'I Like DeSantis Even More Now'


A left-wing group called Remove Ron released an ad on Wednesday attacking Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, but the effort may have backfired as many conservatives took to social media to ridicule it.

The ad, part of a campaign to defeat the Republican governor, had received about a million views as of Thursday.

Conservative blogger, podcaster and author Matt Walsh tweeted, “I like DeSantis even more now. Thanks for this.”

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Journalist Caleb Hull said, “If you’re trying to get me to like Ron DeSantis even more, you succeeded.”

The ad, called “The Florever Purge,” is a take on “The Forever Purge,” the fifth installment in “The Purge” movie series, which Variety described as “the Capitol riot restaged as an ultraviolent zombie movie.”

The video opens with ominous music inside an airplane. All passengers are masked and socially distanced.

A flight attendant directs the passengers to watch a “short message” from DeSantis on the coronavirus pandemic. “Thereafter, everyone on board will be required to comply with the state’s Florever Purge,” she warns.

Video of DeSantis plays. “We are not doing any vaccine passports in the state of Florida,” he says. “We trust people to make their own decisions in this state. We are not going to be bludgeoning people with restrictions and mandates and lockdowns or any of that stuff.”

“In a state with no rules, over 3 million infected and over 50,000 dead” flashes across the screen.

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The flight attendant resumes her intercom speech and says, “As Gov. DeSantis stated, while you’re within state lines, you do not have to wear a mask. You do not have to get a vaccine. It is against the law for private businesses or schools to mandate masks or vaccines.

“And you have the absolute right to infect whoever you want whenever and wherever with COVID-19. Thank you for traveling with us. And please enjoy your Florever Purge.”

Breathless reporter sound bites blare: “COVID-19 is surging again.” “Florida just requested 300 new ventilators.” “Hospitals are filling up here.” “The numbers continue to rise across Florida.”

“If you are going to lock people down, I’m going to stand in your way,” DeSantis says.

The over-the-top video prompted one Twitter user to respond with, “This has to be the worst political attack ad I’ve ever seen. It’s actually hilarious.”

Others said it was a great ad for the DeSantis re-election campaign and Florida tourism.

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