Leftist CNN Analyst Loses It: 'We Are Going' to 'Death Camps'


Freshman Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to be the recipient of harsh criticism after her Monday night Instagram video rant in which she compared ICE detention centers to Nazi-era concentration camps.

Though she tried to walk back her comments to some degree — eventually arguing that she wasn’t comparing the ICE facilities to Nazi death camps — the fact that she used the phrase “never again” in her original rant was a direct reference to the horrific tragedy the world knows as the Holocaust.

But if you ask her supporters, which includes an embarrassing number of liberal media journalists and analysts, they argue that she wasn’t making the Nazi-era comparison.

According to Newsbusters, on CNN Tuesday in a discussion panel with Chris Cuomo and conservative Steve Cortes, one of Ocasio-Cortez’s echo chambers doubled down on the “concentration camp” remarks. And Cuomo, like the good liberal soldier he is, didn’t even bat an eye.
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Angela Rye, a CNN analyst and obvious defender of Ocasio-Cortez, explained to Cuomo and CNN viewers that America was headed in the direction of having “death camps” right after she lambasted Cortes for being on “the wrong side of history” on the issue.

“In 1933, there were concentration camps. In 1941, they were death camps, and that is where we are going if our, our consciences are not quickly pierced,” Rye said.

She also affirmed Ocasio-Cortez’s ridiculous assessment of what’s happening with detainees on the southern U.S. border.

“Before we are American, we are human beings. And it is not okay. It is a damn shame what is happening at this border,” Rye said.

Do you think CNN is wrong for defending Ocasio-Cortez?

Cuomo tried his best to give both sides of the debate by justifying both positions. Of course, he heavily favored Ocasio-Cortez, as evidenced when he agreed that the ICE holding facilities were, in fact, “concentration camps.”

“So, here’s the issue. Is she right in defining concentration camps? Yes. But do they have a feeling of usage stained with what happened with the Nazis and the genocide of the Jews? Yes,” he said.

Cuomo then directed attention to Cortes to see if he would agree, which ended up a big mistake.

“Steve Cortes, with the new definition from her, I say concentration camps because that’s how they are defined internationally. That’s what these are. I am not equating with stigma of the Nazis and the Jews. Leave that part aside. Satisfied?” Cuomo asked.

Cortes immediately dismissed Cuomo’s attempt with laughter, “No, Chris, that’s a ridiculous excuse for a couple of reasons. First of all, we all know what the connotation of ‘concentration camps’ is. If we went out on the street and asked 100 random people, 99 of them would tell us, give us an explanation or definition that relates to Nazism.”

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He went on to shoot down Cuomo and Rye’s attempt to protect Ocasio-Cortez, which appeared to be very triggering for Rye, as she was visibly angry in all her attempts at a retort.

The bottom line is that any logical person knows it’s absurd to compare ICE holding facilities, which have completely humane and legal living conditions, to anything concerning a concentration camp — whether Nazi-era or any other time in history.

Liberals like Rye and Ocasio-Cortez are pushing this narrative because they know it’ll create headlines and further bolster the left’s attack against President Donald Trump on the hot-button immigration issue.

Where I come from, what Rye said about America heading toward the path of “death camps” is nothing less than textbook fear-mongering.

For CNN to give this topic any kind of extended air-time, let alone have their hosts defend Ocasio-Cortez in any way whatsoever, is a slap in the face to every Holocaust survivor and their families.

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