Leftist Hero & Canada PM Justin Trudeau Under Fire as Brownface Pics Go Viral


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s re-election campaign was hit hard this week when a photograph surfaced of the progressive political leader wearing “brownface” at a costume party.

The photo, which came to light Wednesday in a Time magazine feature, was reportedly taken at an “Arabian Nights” themed high school party in 2001.

Trudeau was a teacher at the private West Point Grey Academy that spring.

The photograph captures Trudeau posing with students in stereotypical Middle Eastern garb, complete with turban, and brown face paint. It was initially featured in West Point Grey’s 2000 – 2001 academic yearbook.

The development did not bode well for Trudeau, who announced his re-election bid last week with the Canadian Liberal and Conservative parties in a “dead heat,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

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A progressive heartthrob, Trudeau has faced a number of scandals in recent years and seen the prospect of a walk-on re-election quickly slip away.

Those scandals include a recent accusation the prime minister had attempted to prevent the prosecution of an engineering firm that alleged bribed the federal government as well as charges of “cultural appropriation” leveled by the radical progressive elements in his own party after a trip to India last year, Fox News reported.

Trudeau apologized immediately Wednesday, telling reporters he “didn’t think [it] was racist at the time” but should have known better.

He also admitted to another instance of wearing “brownface” at a school talent show years earlier.

“I dressed up in an Aladdin costume and put makeup on,” the prime minister told reporters. “I shouldn’t have done it. I should have known better, but I didn’t.”

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“I’m really sorry,” he added.

But it seems the rabid progressive mob was not satiated by Trudeau’s apology.

Within hours, “blackface,” “brownface” and “Trudeau” were all at the top of Twitter’s list of trending topics. Social media threads and left-wing political bloggers were looking for heads to roll. In an op-ed for Al Jazeera, Hamid Dabashi went so far as to say “Justin Trudeau is just as bad for humanity as Donald Trump is.”

Leftists worldwide were all but shouting it from the rooftops: they wanted Trudeau to resign.

It serves him right.

This isn’t to say anyone should be upset when a Caucasian person is cast as an ethnic figure like Aladdin in a Hollywood film, or dresses in cultural garb for a party.

But not only was this photograph taken in incredibly bad taste — it depicts the racially insensitive past of a man who prides himself on being a paragon of the new left’s social justice warrior values.

Do you think Trudeau should suffer the consequences of the culture he helped create?

Trudeau has time and again virtue signaled his peers by taking potshots at President Donald Trump and pandering to the Canadian LGBT community by restricting the free speech rights of his people.

Trudeau was, and remains, the heartthrob poster child for the hypocritically wealthy and white progressive elite.

If he didn’t have a hand in creating the left’s cannibalizing culture of social justice witch hunts, he certainly fostered it.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot, and if they eat him alive, so be it.

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