Leftists Celebrate Deaths of Fellow Americans with Grotesque 'Herman Cain Award'


While COVID-19 is not as deadly as the left wishes to believe, there are still Americans dying from the virus each and every day. Many leftists apparently have no problem cheering those deaths when they affect those who have different ideological beliefs than they do.

On Reddit, there is a fast-growing subreddit called r/HermanCainAward, according to Slate. Its sole purpose is to track coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths of people who had previously spoken out against restrictions.

The “award” is named after Herman Cain, a former Republican presidential candidate who died from COVID-19 on July 30, 2020. At the time, leftists at least pretended to have some compassion.

“Herman Cain’s death was preventable,” the Women’s March Twitter account tweeted that day. “With his crusade against science, Trump has led the GOP towards deadly policy that’s killing even his most loyal footsoldiers.

“150,000 people are now needlessly dead. Every one was loved. This must be a moment of reflection for Republicans.”

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Of course, the organization never truly cared about the life or death of Herman Cain. Its eagerness to use his death as a political talking point made that clear.

But at least the Women’s March did the bare minimum in pretending to be saddened by Cain’s death and centering its argument around saving lives.

Does the left truly care about these people's lives?

On this new subreddit, even that little bit of decency has been thrown out the window.

Instead of pretending t0 care about the lives of those who disagree with them, woke internet users are now actively celebrating the deaths of their political foes.

“Georgia boy Joey loved posting right-wing memes and working on Chevys with his dad, goatee got him before he got to see the South rise again,” a user wrote about one man who died from COVID-19.

Others went so far as to mock people for sharing their prayers and faith in God as loved ones battle the virus.

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“Meet Chasity, who found out that anointing your unvaccinated mother’s feet with ivermectin-soaked rags in plastic baggies does not cure Covid,” another user wrote. “Although she claims it cures Ebola, Zika, and HIV. I have no words for this level of crazy.”

This is not an endorsement of everything Joey, Chasity or any other person says about COVID-19 or anything else. You can agree or disagree with the things people post on social media, and that’s the beauty of America.

Yet the celebratory tone used by the hateful members of this subreddit is absolutely repulsive. Whether or not you agree with a person’s political views, it is not appropriate to celebrate their death.

While this Reddit community is certainly horrifying, it is unfortunately not surprising. The most radical leftists have been dehumanizing conservatives for a long time, and this is the natural end result.

If you believe conservatives are killing black Americans or intentionally spreading a deadly virus, it makes sense that you would have such utter disdain for them.

This kind of hatred starts at the top of the Democratic Party, and it trickles all the way down to everyday Americans.

President Joe Biden spent months claiming Trump’s hatred was dividing America, but his own actions in office are now creating deep hatred among his followers for anyone on the political right.

CORRECTION, Sept. 22, 2021: A previous version of this article reported an incorrect date for Herman Cain’s passing. Cain passed away in July of 2020.

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Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.
Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor's degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.