LGBT Clothing Designer Caught Exploiting 9-Year-Old Boy


The House of Mann (HOM) erotic gay clothing line is featuring a 9-year-old boy dressed as a drag queen as the company’s new “covergirl.”

Brandon Hilton, who owns the clothing line, came under fire on social media from people accusing his company of sexualizing the boy, who goes by the drag name of “Lactatia.”

The 9-year-old, whose birth name is Nemis Quinn Melancon, is being used to advertise clothing for the brand — essentially a kinky Victoria’s Secret for gay men and drag queens.

The company sells clothing that shows a lot of flesh and features an abundance of leather and chains.

However, Melancon’s clothes in the particular ad below are more modest, being dressed in a custom onesie designed by Hilton.

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Melancon’s parents have been extremely supportive of their son’s interest in drag, driving him around their home country of Canada for various drag events.

“I think it’s extremely important to allow your children to really tap into their creative side, encourage and foster that independent spirit and being an individual,” said Jessica Melancon, the boy’s mother.

“I encourage all parents with their kids, if they have a passion, support it and let them do it,” she continued.

The family has received fierce pushback on social media, with many accusing Jessica Melancon of “living through her son.”

Hilton claims numerous people have told him to “kill yourself” since announcing Melancon as his company’s cover girl.

“Woke up to countless tweets telling me ‘kill yourself’ and calling me a ‘pedo’ after we announced 9 year old (sic) drag superstar Lactatia as our new HOUSE OF MANN covergirl,” he said on Twitter. “If you can’t handle a kid in a sequin onesie, maybe the future isn’t for you!”

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh took notice of the incident and blasted Hilton on Twitter.

“I don’t want you to kill yourself but I do want you arrested and jailed for the sexual exploitation of a child, you sick, deranged predator,” he wrote. “This is straight up pedophilia happening in plain sight, and to the sound of applause from a large number of people in our godforsaken society.”

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He added: “In saner times, men who prey on boys would be thrown in prison cells. Today, we throw them parades. God help us.”

A version of this article previously appeared on The Daily Caller News Foundation website.

While Hilton’s tweet states that Melancon is 8-years-old, in order to remain consistent with our primary source and a follow-up tweet from Hilton, we have reported the child’s age as 9-years-old.

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