Lib Writer Gets Taken to School After Absurd Statement About Black Man with Conservative Bumper Stickers


Which is more racist: Acting as if one race must vote a certain way, or believing that all individuals are free to have diverse political opinions?

One of the consistent messages from many black conservatives is that Democrats have taken them for granted.

Voices including Star Parker and Candace Owens have asserted that liberals treat African-Americans as a sort of “plantation” for votes, pandering toward the black community while doing almost nothing to actually improve opportunities for minorities.

That disturbing “we own you” attitude from the left was on full display in a recent tweet from a Huffington Post contributor. In a now-deleted post, liberal writer Kimberley Johnson came close to blatant racism with her response to a black American who dared drive a nice car and hold conservative views.

“Out on the road the other day I saw an affluent black man driving a BMW with two bumper-stickers,” she sanctimoniously wrote. “One was pro-NRA and the other one was a Tea Party sticker that read, ‘Don’t tread on me.’ This left me very confused.”

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Yes, apparently the oh-so-tolerant leftist writer is “very confused” that people with dark skin color might have different opinions than her own, or might believe in self-defense. It doesn’t take much thought to see how segregationist and discriminatory this passive-aggressive post truly is.

Twitter users quickly pointed out this veiled racism, prompting Johnson to later remove her post. “It’s not confusing to people who don’t judge others based on their skin tone. You should try it,” one person responded to her, according to Fox News.

The racially-tinged post caught the eye of Colion Noir, the conservative host of NRATV who also happens to be black. Responding to the Huffington Post writer over Twitter, the pro-gun commentator took the high ground and invited Johnson to explain her questionable tweet.

Do you think the Huffington Post writer's tweet was racist?

“I drive a BMW, so let’s wonder together about why I think and vote the way I do. Here’s an open invite to come on my show and have that conversation,” he wrote.

Over a thousand people quickly “liked” his calm response online. He also spoke about the issue during a Friday appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

“She was absolutely clear. It was pretty evident that she made an assumption about a black man in a BMW based on bumper stickers he had on his car,” Noir said.

“It bothered me because it kind of prejudged me, or kind of characterized me as being someone who can’t believe a certain thing simply due to my race,” he said. “When I initially saw it, I was offended but then I… thought, this is actually an opportunity… to have a conversation.”

“Personally, I’m anti-bumper sticker,” he laughingly added. “However… I am also a black man who has built a platform based on the right that not so long ago was denied to people who looked just like me.”

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That point is extremely important: Contrary to the Huffington Post contributor’s skewed stance, a black American exercising his right to bear arms makes sense. After all, some of the earliest “Black Code” gun control measures in America were enacted to keep African slaves disarmed and controlled.

Similarly, it was the NRA that helped black citizens stand up against racist groups like the KKK, and supported the right for black Americans to defend themselves and their families.

The question isn’t “why does a black man support the Tea Party and the NRA.” The real question ought to be… why doesn’t a supposed progressive who claims to stand with minorities?

There isn’t a good answer. One person at a time, more black citizens are realizing that the left only stands with them as long as it’s politically convenient, but there is another path called “conservatism.”

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