Liberal Professor Goes Off The Deep End, Labels Trump 'Fleshy Thesaurus of White Supremacy'


A Georgetown University professor said Friday that President Donald Trump is a “fleshly thesaurus of white supremacy.”

Georgetown sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson made the remark on a panel that nonprofit The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Centers had its interns attend.

“Vicious white supremacy, male supremacy, and both of them are joined in the body of Donald Trump,” Dyson said. “Donald Trump is the fleshly thesaurus of white supremacy.”

The Georgetown professor and author of “Holler If You Hear Me,” a book portraying deceased rapper Tupac Shakur, proceeded to make a crass analogy, which he has previously used to describe the president.

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“We have a guy who stands up every day to excrete the feces of his moral depravity into a nation,” Dyson said to laughter from the audience. “[Trump is] s—ting on men and women … we have basically a sexual predator as the chief executive officer.”

Dyson was joined on the panel by Economic Policy Institute analyst Janelle Jones, whose work addresses economic and racial justice.

Jones commented on riots in predominantly black neighborhoods that have resulted in property damage.

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“People protest. They have the right to be angry,” the analyst said. “They’re being murdered in the streets, they’re not getting jobs. People have the right to do whatever they want to protest as they see fit.

“I have black family who’s like, ‘Oh well, they’re destroying their own homes’ and people are angry and they have the right to be. I think it’s great.”

Howard University Afro-American Studies professor Greg Carr also took part in the panel.

Carr lambasted House Speaker Paul Ryan and what he perceived as an affirmative action from which white people benefit.

“Affirmative action in America means whiteness,” Carr explained. “Paul Ryan is the worst example of affirmative action because if Paul Ryan were black, he wouldn’t be in the United States [House].”

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Criticizing Ryan’s skeptical approach to welfare, the professor characterized Ryan as a “kid” who “read Ayn Rand and thinks he’s some kind of genie” and claimed that Ryan and others were “eviscerating the safety net in their fantasy world.”

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