Libs Angrily Turn on NYT After It Publishes Story on Biden's Rolex Watch


With two days of President Joe Biden’s term in the history books, The New York Times managed to publish some muted criticism about his expensive watch, and spoiled liberals are still losing their minds over it.

Writing for the far-left rag, Alex Williams wrote an article on Friday titled, “Is That a Rolex on Biden’s Wrist?” but was later changed to “Joe Biden, Watch Geek in Chief.”

The article noted, “Recent presidents not named Trump have tended to wear Everyman timepieces such as Timex and Shinola,” and accused Biden of “breaking from prevailing presidential tradition” by wearing a $7,000 Rolex Datejust watch at his Jan. 20 inauguration.

Williams informed his readers that such an expensive watch equates to about a dozen low man’s stimulus checks, and informed them that former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama both wore cheaper watches.

“… Dwight D. Eisenhower and Lyndon B. Johnson posed guiltlessly for Oval Office portraits wearing gold Rolexes … Such political power watches, however, had gone out of style in the internet age, when most recent presidents, and politicians in general, seemed to consider the luxury watch as a signifier of out-of-touch elitism,” wrote Williams.

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“Bill Clinton seemed to thumb his nose at aristocratic gold timepieces by wearing a Timex Ironman,” Williams added. “His successor, George W. Bush, went even more down market, wearing a Timex Indiglo, the kind once sold at drugstores … Barack Obama, too, avoided heirloom-level timepieces. During his presidency, he opted for midpriced all-American watches by Shinola, the Detroit-based brand.”

It’s not clear exactly what message The Times was trying to convey with the article. It’s probably safe to assume most conservatives don’t care what Biden wears on his wrist. We’re much more concerned about him bankrupting the country both morally and financially, and leaving us defenseless in our homes while bands of armed criminals roam the streets.

But Twitter’s spoiled leftists, who actually have the mainstream media in their pocket every day on essentially every issue, couldn’t handle the story on Biden’s fancy timepiece.

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Can you imagine feeling so entitled to positive media coverage that one critical story of your guy sends you into a triggered state of mania? These people sure have it nice.

Democrats are absolutely spoiled with regard to media coverage, and they can’t even see it. The same outlet which dinged Biden for wearing a Rolex routinely called conservatives and former President Donald Trump racist, homophobic, treasonous, etc. for four years.

Do you expect the media to cover Biden fairly and accurately?

We would’ve loved for just one piece of soft, muted criticism about Trump’s personal accessories and wealth.

If The New York Times is looking to turn over a new leaf and start criticizing Democrats, or to embrace fair reporting, perhaps Biden’s job-killing policies, discrimination of women and girls in sports and his apparently lustful eyes over a conflict in Syria would be a better start than a hit hob over a watch.

But if The Times is now attempting to make anyone think its reporting has moved to the middle, that ship sailed long ago.

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