Libs Freak Out, One Accuses Trump of Starting 'Holocaust' - for Asking for Campaign Donations


A routine Trump campaign email asking for donations during an important election year led one woman on Twitter to conclude that President Donald Trump is planning to start a “holocaust.”

“You’ve been identified as one of President Trump’s fiercest and most loyal defenders, and according to your donor file, you’d make an excellent addition to the Trump Army,” a recent email sent to Trump supporters read.

“The President wants YOU and every other member of our exclusive Trump Army to have to something to identify yourselves with, and to let everyone now that you are the President’s first line of defense when to come to fighting off the Liberal MOB,” the email added.

The dispatch asked for a $35 donation to the president’s re-election campaign in exchange for a camouflage “Keep America Great” hat.

The marketing is quite appealing: What Trump supporter wouldn’t like a clean camouflage hat while also donating to save the country from socialism?

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It’s a two-for-one.

Of course, not everyone was pleased to read the offer.

The email was posted on Twitter by Heidi Krassenstein — the wife of one of two liberal brothers banned from Twitter for life — and it sent liberals into a frenzy.

“BREAKING: Trump is now recruiting his own “army” in order to fight the “liberal mob,” Krassenstein wrote. “This is EXACTLY how Hitler and the Nazis happened!!!”

Many on the left believed the email was an attempt for the president to quite literally raise an army to target liberals.

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Other deduced that the email was some sort of racist call to action.

One young woman lapsed into a complete nervous breakdown over the email, concluding that the president was “starting another holocaust.”

It’s probably safe to say she didn’t need to preface her message by admitting she wasn’t the “voice that people need to be hearing right now.”

That much was glaringly obvious.

Any objective person reading the email would have used context clues and concluded it was a routine communiqué seeking donations from those who wish to see the president re-elected.

Emails of the like are common in political campaigns, and what was missing from the screen shot and the comments was context.

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The Trump campaign already has built some form of rapport with the people on that email list.

But liberals, especially those suffering from severe cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome, were apparently unwilling or unable to draw that conclusion.

Instead, they assumed the worst: The president was raising an actual army to defeat them. In their minds, they probably envision some sort of cinematic battle in which MAGA hat-wearing minutemen will march on them as General Trump sits atop a horse with a gold-plated saber.

Their absurdity would be comical if these people weren’t dictating so much of the national conversation.

Leave it to Democrats to somehow connect a benign campaign email five months ahead of an election with racism and Naziism.

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