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Little Boy Found Alone Walking in Street Barefoot and Crying for His Mother


Many of us remember a childhood moment of separation from our parents or guardians. It might have occurred at a grocery store, a busy park or a mall. Regardless of how short those few frightening minutes or seconds were in reality, they seemed to stretch on for a lifetime.

If you recall a scary moment like that, your heart will break for a little boy found abandoned on a Houston roadway on the evening of June 16.

Neighbors spotted the 3-year-old running down the street barefoot, crying for his “mommy.” No one knew where the boy came from or how he’d wound up there without a parent in sight.

It was evening, and it was quickly getting dark. It was hard to see, making the bizarre situation on the road even more dangerous. Maria Briones was driving home when one of her neighbors waved her down, attempting to alert her to the little boy’s presence.

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“You couldn’t see nothing in the road,” Briones told KTRK-TV. “He was just pouring out crying.”

Alarmed, Briones jumped into action to rescue the boy from the roadway.

“I only had like 30 seconds to just get him and move around because I didn’t want him to get hit,” Briones told KRIV.

Briones and a neighbor remained with the child as police were called. They were puzzled by the little boy’s disheveled appearance.

“He had clothes that didn’t even fit him. He had no drawers, and he had, like, poop on his leg,” Briones said.

They were unable to get much information from the boy about the whereabouts of his parents. He kept repeating two words: “mommy” and, inexplicably, “piggy.”

The situation seemed hopeless as time passed. No one returned in search of the boy, and no one knew how far he had run before reaching the neighborhood.

Briones began to worry the ordeal would remain an unsolved mystery.

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“The cops did take him around the whole neighborhood trying to see if somebody was claiming him or screaming out for him, but nobody did,” Briones said.

The Harris County deputies gave up the neighborhood search but hoped to gain more information about the boy’s identity. Briones worried that the child wasn’t simply lost, but a victim of some sort of abuse.

“The only thing I could think of is somebody dropped him on the middle of the road because this isn’t a busy road,” she said.

Although few details have been released on the matter, police confirmed that they located the boy’s father. He was charged with child endangerment and released on a $1,500 bond.

Briones said she can’t stop thinking about the boy and wishing him well, despite only knowing him for a short time.

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