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Locals Work Together to Save Suicidal Woman: Officer Dives to Grab Her Leg as She Jumps Off Bridge


The day before Mother’s Day, a woman in Saginaw, Michigan, was contemplating ending it all. Several people spotted her inching her way along the outside railing of the Rust Street Bridge and stopped to try to help.

Local Dion Mason stopped and tried to engage with the woman, asking her what was the matter and pleading with her not to jump.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” he said in the video he posted to Facebook. “You all right? Girl, you gotta come on up, up over here.”

He got out of his car and approached the woman cautiously, continuing to ask, “What’s wrong, baby?”

Someone else arrived and tried to engage her, but she continued to ignore them and work her way down the bridge toward the middle of the river.

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Shortly before 4 p.m., the police arrived — and just in time.

“Officers Brad Holp, Roger Pate, Casey Stadler, Brandon Jebb and Jordan Bady along with MSP Trooper Roy and Saginaw Fire Dept. Battalion Chief Jim Fourman responded and blocked off traffic to the bridge,” the Saginaw Police Department posted on Facebook. “Officers attempted to speak with the woman and convince her to come back over the ledge for approximately 15 minutes to no avail.

“The woman was distraught and began to jump from the bridge. Officers immediately lunged after her grabbing her leg while others held on to the railings. Officers were able to tie a rope around her waist and pull her back over the ledge.

“Officers were also able to get the female transported to a local area hospital for much needed psychiatric care.”

Officer Holp was the one who made the leap to grab the woman’s leg.

“I got about eight to 10 feet away and was able to dive right as she rolled off,” Holp told WNEM-TV. “So as I dove towards her and she was rolling off the edge towards the water I was able to grab ahold of her right leg and hold on for dear life.

“We were emotional afterwards. You know, being that I’ve seen people take their own lives off that same bridge it really hit home for me that I was able to save this woman.”

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Many people commented on the department’s post to thank both Mason and the officers involved in the rescue.

“This was excellent coordinated work by everyone involved including Saginaw County Central Dispatch Operator Amy Kaylor who coordinated the rescue efforts behind the scenes,” the post concluded.

“Great job to everyone involved!”

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