L'Oreal Tries Using Muslim Model, Has to Step Down for Hateful, Racist Comments


L’Oreal Cosmetics’ newly introduced hijab-friendly hair campaign has backfired horribly after their Muslim model was exposed for espousing vile anti-Israel sentiments on social media.

As noted by Front Page Magazine, model and blogger Amena Khan was selected by L’Oreal UK to become the face of the beauty company’s newest hair product campaign — even though many nations ruled by Islamic law don’t even allow women to show their hair in public.

The new campaign, featuring women wearing hijabs, claims their products are advantageous for individuals who don’t show their hair in public.

“L’Oreal Paris UK are both proud and excited to be launching such a unique and disruptive campaign for the hair care market, a category which in previous years has been perceived as the cliche of beauty advertising,” said L’Oreal Paris UK general manager Adrien Koskas.

As progressive leftists fawned over the identity politics associated with Khan becoming the face of L’Oreal’s campaign, many users began discovering explosive anti-Israel statements made by Khan on her Twitter account.

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Khan frequently spoke about her disgust for Israel, calling the free, democratic nation “sinister,” and a “terrorist” and “illegal” state.

“Remember: the brutal murder of Palestinians had been occurring MANY years before the formation of Hamas,” Khan wrote in July 2014, according to Russia Times. “Israel’s excuses are blatant lies.”

“Well, under international law, Israel is an illegal state,” she tweeted that same month.

She also accused Israel of being responsible for creating religious tensions and violence in the region, writing: “For CENTURIES Arabs, Jews & Christians lived peacefully side by side in Palestine. Until the creation of Israel.”

Are you glad Khan stepped down?

Khan also said Israel was illegally occupying “Palestinian lands” and baselessly claimed the Jewish State was “terrorizing innocent civilians.”

“You’re complicit in the supplying of weapons to a terrorist state,” she tweeted at then-British PM David Cameron in July 2014. “You offered ‘staunch support’ of genocide.”

After her comments went viral, Khan announced via Instagram on Jan. 22 that she was “stepping down” from her position on the campaign because her comments about Israel were “distracting.”

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Nevertheless, it’s quite ironic that L’Oreal only did this to appease their progressive base, but introducing a fundamentalist Muslim to tolerance backfired badly for the hair company.

Now L’Oreal has managed to insult Jewish people, while simultaneously exposing Islam for the violent and intolerant ideology it is.

It’s also incredibly ironic that L’Oreal made someone the face of their hair campaign who is restricted by her own religion to show her hair in public.

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