Loyal Golden Retriever Refuses To Leave Owner's Side, Follows Her onto Ambulance


“Dog” has almost become synonymous with the word “loyal.” When we think of dogs, we think of noble creatures who bless us with their love and loyalty without reservation.

We think of Lassie. We think of Rin-Tin-Tin. We think of our own dogs that we’ve had the pleasure of sharing life with.

But the truth is that not all dogs are Lassies — not just in size and stature, but in their heroics and the level at which they care about their humans.

This was demonstrated rather humorously in the internet fad a while back when people would film themselves “fainting” while walking their dog, and then wait to see what they’d do.

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Most of the dogs took a while to notice, either continuing on with their walk for a while before realizing their human was lying on the ground in a very un-humanlike manner, or merely trotting off into the sunset without so much as a pause or a backward glance.

It’s true that dogs are able to sense more things than we are — which is why there are dogs who can sense when panic attacks or seizures are about to happen — so perhaps they knew their person was playing tricks on them and decided to give them what for.

But when you’re really in a serious situation, do you know whether or not your dog would stick by your side?

Fortunately, most of us don’t even have to test that out, but one woman in China now knows that her golden retriever would do everything in its power to stay with its beloved human.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman was out walking her dog in Daqing city, in the Heilongjiang Province, on July 28 when she fainted. People noticed her and noticed the retriever pacing around her nervously.

When paramedics arrived and got her onto a stretcher, the dog leapt up and tried to walk alongside, its paws on the stretcher as it snuffled her.

“When we approached the woman lying on the ground, the dog appeared to be happy that we were there to help its owner,” said Yu Jingjing, a nurse at the hospital.

It even jumped right into the ambulance ahead of everyone, as if it knew what was happening and where they were going, and wasn’t asking permission to go.

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“At first, we were afraid to approach the woman directly since the dog is a rather large one. However, while the dog was very protective of its owner, it did not show any signs of aggression towards us,” Yu said.

Though generally dogs are not allowed in medical vehicles or establishments, the paramedics didn’t have the heart to separate the obviously distressed dog from its owner.

The dog was even allowed to sit outside the room where its owner was being treated. The bond was clearly strong since when the woman woke up the first thing she said was her dog’s name, and it raced over to her to check on her.

Apparently the woman had had too much to drink the night before, so she was able to leave the hospital shortly after arriving. On the bright side, she’ll never have to question her dog’s loyalty: she knows her pup will always stick by her side.

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