'MAGA' Is the Left's Worst Nightmare


The Democratic Party, mainstream media and the greater leftist machine have always been staunchly opposed to the slogan “Make America Great Again.” Among their many criticisms of MAGA, they’ve claimed it’s a call back to slavery or Jim Crow segregation, a rallying call for White America, and an attempt to turn women into baby-making house servants. That is the outrageous frame they always aim to trap MAGA within. That’s unquestionable.

What’s interesting, however, is why they are so intent on discrediting, delegitimizing, and painting the Trump campaign slogan as an open call to what they believe to be America’s racist and sexist roots.

Do they simply believe they are on a holy crusade against what would surely be a return to bondage for women and blacks? Democrats, mainstream media members, and the average leftist all have their multitude of differences with the Republican Party. That’s well documented. In general, the Democrats believe that any good work to be done within a society is best accomplished by collecting taxes to fund a government program to address it. They believe that is the only way to ensure that society’s needs are met. This begs the question: Is there something about allowing private citizens to create private sector solutions to society’s problems, and addressing society’s needs, that guarantees there will be rampant racism and sexism? That must be the indictment if MAGA is such a dirty phrase.

American Shame: The Left’s Portrayal of MAGA

Yet, is there something inherently racist and sexist about returning the country to a free market, less regulated, and locally governed society? The answer for the Democratic Party is: Absolutely! According to the left, Americans are deeply discriminatory, at heart. To them, all human beings are discriminatory, because they’ve been programmed to be that way. Without any evidence, the left claims that America’s institutions are inherently racist, without even understanding or comprehending that they are (unconscious bias). Apparently, we are all making unconscious decisions, daily, that serve to undermine the American creed of “all men are created equal,” denying the civil rights of minorities of every kind. This is why the Democratic Party has been sent from “on high” to save America and the world.

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Sound a little over the top? Maybe, a bit. Yet, this is exactly the type of thinking we saw for eight years under the Obama administration. Every international interaction we had was about weakening America on the world stage while subsidizing the rest of the world’s progress toward us. Why? It’s simple. The increasingly leftist-driven Democratic Party believes American exceptionalism is a whitewashed lie. Their version of our founding is essentially a long list of European whites taking advantage of the rich homelands of incredibly peaceful natives, stealing their land, murdering and raping them nearly to extinction, and enslaving all of those who managed to survive. Then, we established a country on the basis of a common white creed that promised to steamroll the world into submission, while America prospered grossly on the backs of blacks, allowing us to build up a massive military, and develop educationally and economically, worlds ahead of the rest of the planet.

Sound extreme, yet? That’s the point. The Democrat narrative for MAGA, American Exceptionalism, and “taking our country back” is underscored by the very belief I just outlined. So, when they rail against those various GOP rallying cries, that is what they want the American people to believe Republicans actually mean. They want centrists, laypersons, and independents to believe the GOP wants to put “y’all (blacks) back in chains,” and keep the women “barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen,” if the Republican Party ever rose to complete control. This is where the political discourse has broken down into.

MAGA, at the end of the day, scares the devil out of the left. I’m not even sure Donald Trump really understood what he was speaking to when he decided to go with this slogan. MAGA is not just about removing stifling regulations, in order to free up businesses to prosper, as well as provide further job prospects for working-class Americans. It’s a slap in the face to the general direction and philosophy the country has taken on essentially since the New Deal era.

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Do you think President Trump is helping restore America's greatness?

Somewhere along the line, most likely in the post-WWII 1950s, America was sold the lie that we had become so successful that we must embark on the “greatest” humanitarian crusade mankind has ever ventured toward. That venture? To use our wealth, through redistribution, to essentially eradicate human suffering, inconvenience and ignorance. This meant we would tax our citizens, create bloated bureaucracies, and set out to feed every hungry person (generously), educate every uneducated individual, provide health services, politic against any intolerance toward any identity group, and so on and so forth. No goals were set, so these programs would never expire. Instead of working to progress to a point where the public didn’t need a government handout, the idea was to continue to push for increased financial support for these programs. Eventually, the Democratic Party became the political party synonymous with the “greater good” assumed to be inherent within these social programs. Thus, a vote for the continuance of these “greater good” programs could only be truly cast by voting for Democratic Party representatives for public office.

This has led us to where we are now. In 2018, we have all but lost our understanding of what truly made America great in the first place. It has never been our incredibly overarching government, tasked with doing so much, while being efficient at accomplishing so little. Our social programs that take from successful individuals and give to the unsuccessful, never truly aimed at improving their capability to fend for themselves, aren’t what makes us great. Our greatness affords us the ability to act foolish and cut our own legs out from under us, through our continued efforts to destroy that which truly makes us great, in the name of equality.

What Makes Us Great and Exceptional

What truly makes us great is the ingenuity, hard work, stick-to-itiveness, risk-taking, morality, decency, strength, good-nature, sense of community, and passion for God that drove Americans to lay aside their petty differences and take up together in this beautiful land. The idea that free people, bound together by a common set of moral values, united in a common sense of right and wrong, a yearning to learn and build together, have fellowship with one another, and seek to improve the human condition for all — that is what led to what became the greatest and most free nation the world has ever seen. And it is that spirit of brotherhood, togetherness, and unity in common goals, through our individual pursuits, that leads to booming prosperity.

If everyone was focusing on educating themselves, their families, and their immediate communities, the nation would be greater. Should we seek to reintroduce God and hope for eternity in heaven to those who’ve grown so estranged to such a notion, much of the greed, selfishness, lawlessness, depression, anxiety, and stress we battle alone, as well as together, would be greatly reduced. If individuals sought to use their spare time to help their fellow citizens in their community, the elderly, and the broken families, the local communities would be strengthened tenfold. All, of course, sanctioned merely by a common private interest for the public good. Government sanction is not needed, and as a matter of fact is discouraged from consideration, in this regard.

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My fellow Americans, that is what makes America great. Free individuals, following the common moral law, building strong families and communities, and keeping government intervention out of our innovative free market all converge to add to our Founders’ vision for America’s greatness. Individuals using their talents to become successful, reach out and offer a share of that success through employment, and freeing themselves to engage in philanthropic endeavors: Now that sounds like the makings of the type of country I want to leave behind for my children and future grandchildren.

The Left: A Wounded Animal Cornered by MAGA

This is exactly why there is an all-out assault on MAGA by the left. This runs absolutely contrary to their narrative surrounding American society. If this is what makes America great, then they are rendered useless and are exposed as detrimental to the continued and sustained success of the country. The ability to afford philanthropy, which is aimed at alleviating the suffering of the needy, a helping hand when individuals are at rock bottom, is weakened by leftism. Artificial redistribution is the play in the leftist’s playbook for building a stronger nation. The mechanisms which govern the success and failure of individuals, businesses and institutions are never even considered by leftists. Their sole reason for being in the political sphere is to guarantee everyone has an equal piece of the pie. Their answer for deficiencies in any particular area is: let the government handle it and raise taxes so that more money can be thrown at the problem. Those they “help” are never actually fulfilled in their pursuits to better themselves.

So, MAGA continues to call out to all Americans. It continues to be the beacon of freedom for all. The freedom to make one’s own way — to allow Americans to be good citizens and actually exercise good moral judgment in helping their fellow citizens. It hearkens to a time when people didn’t have a guarantee of the soul-sucking government-subsidized mediocrity, which allows and promotes laziness and procrastination — when people were expected to work and earn what they came to own. Through the reality that it takes hard work to survive; hard-working, responsible, and tough-minded individuals are forged. Let’s MAGA!

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