Magazine Report on Jen Psaki's New Fans Shows Just How Bad the Media Bias Is


We knew most of the establishment media were biased toward the Biden administration, but their openness about the entire ordeal thus far has been astonishing.

In a report in Washingtonian magazine on Wednesday headlined “The Awkward Feeling of Rooting for the White House Press Secretary,” contributing editor Jessica M. Goldstein wrote lovingly of press secretary Jen Psaki’s performance in her first three months on the job and explained that many reporters in the White House press corps share her views.

Goldstein began by bashing former President Donald Trump’s press secretaries, writing that while the “bar set by the Trump White House might be on the floor,” Psaki has so far done well to pass it, and remarking that she does not call the media “the enemy of the people.”

She was referring to former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s innumerable sparring matches with reporters in less than a year of service, and similar battles fought by previous press secretary Sarah Sanders.

“While Trumpites gleefully performed belligerence on camera, Psaki’s tone is measured and warm; if you’re a reporter hoping for any insight from her, she’ll ask after your kids or your spouse and then politely decline to help you with whatever story you’ve got in the works,” Goldstein wrote.

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She quoted ABC News reporter John Karl as saying Psaki is “one of the most well-qualified press secretaries we’ve ever had.”

“She takes questions from everybody,” Karl said. “She doesn’t get rattled. She doesn’t lose her cool.”


In terms of Psaki’s showing thus far as press secretary, “rattled” is generous.

Do you think Jen Psaki does a good job?

In contrast to McEnany and Sanders proving again and again that they absolutely knew what they were talking about as they took questions from a hostile press corps, Psaki has done the opposite.

She has seemed lost on several occasions, and her response about “circling back” to questions for which she didn’t have an answer became a trademark of her first weeks in office.

In one exchange with a reporter in late March, she nearly burst behind the podium in response to a question concerning the border crisis.

After it was revealed that the media was given access to a relatively clean and undercrowded border facility as opposed to the dingy, extremely overcrowded ones more typical of the border crisis, a reporter asked Psaki, “Why was this one chosen over those?”

She replied, “We’re also open to providing access there, and this is just the first step in a process of providing greater access to the media,” avoiding the question altogether.

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When the issue was pressed, the reporter asking if this access would be all the media would receive, Psaki said, “I would consider it — it’s ongoing.”

Peter Baker, chief White House correspondent for The New York Times, also spoke highly of Psaki to Goldstein.

“She’s a pro, you know?” he said. “She’s unflappable.”

A “pro” probably shouldn’t lie to the American people, and yet Psaki does so without heed.

When asked about the Biden administration’s false portrayal of the new Georgia voting law, President Joe Biden’s press secretary simply parroted the same lies.

Is this the same woman Goldstein praised for clearing McEnany’s supposed low bar?

The Washingtonian report isn’t useful for much, but what it declares without question is the absolute devotion many reporters have toward the Biden administration.

The American people were promised that the Biden administration would be challenged during news conferences. But, like most promises from the liberal media, this one, too, fell flat on its face.

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