The Mainstream Media United To Defend a #FreePress. Twitter Responded.


Several hundred papers joined to take the same position on the same issue on the same day in an effort to prove that they needed to be free to be independent. Specifically, they ran editorials implying — or explicitly accusing — President Donald Trump’s rhetoric is hampering their Free Press mojo.

Conservatives on Twitter didn’t take long to respond.

Jack Smith Runs to Judge Chutkan, Claims Trump Violated Terms of Release with Gun Video

And these tweets compare the #FreePress movement to Alex Jones’ ban.

Stephen Miller made his argument that the press doesn’t actually want to be unfiltered and free. They give passes to advertisers.

Controversial Church Funds Transporting Kids For Puberty Blockers, 'Sex-Change' Mutilations

And they tell their own employees to not criticize advertisers.

This tweet suggests there aren’t examples of how Trump actually censors the press.

Trump personally weighed in.

The Senate adopted a resolution.

James Woods tweeted about an “actual” attack on the free press.

Democracy needs a free and independent press. That does not mean they should be protected from criticism.

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