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Man Eats Hot Pepper Chocolate Square To Win Contest, Realizes He's Made Terrible Mistake


There are two kinds of people in this world: people who love spicy food, and people who stick to putting ketchup on everything.

There is quite a range of preferences when it comes to the level of heat in foods. Some people appreciate the kick because it enhances the flavor of the food, while others just want to set their entire system on fire whether or not there’s any nutritional value.

That’s how we get ridiculous challenges. People have been ingesting spicy foods for ages just to laugh at the reactions, and it’s hard not to react when you’ve just bitten into something that makes you instantly break into a cold sweat.

The Choco Challenge sponsored by Fuego Box, a company that specializes in hot sauces, combines sweet and spicy in one relatively small brick of chocolate.

“The Choco Challenge is the world’s spiciest mini chocolate bar,” the website claims. “For every bar purchased, Fuego Box donates $5.00 to prostate cancer research.”

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Why is the chocolate so spicy? Because it uses “the unreleased Black Reaper, a pepper hotter than the Carolina Reaper.”

If you know anything about peppers, you get a shudder when you hear the name “Carolina Reaper” — not just because it sounds terrifying in its own right, but because it’s been rated the world’s spiciest pepper at 2.2 million Scoville heat units.

For reference, a Jalapeno pepper comes in at around 3,500 Scoville Heat Units.

Would you try this chocolate for the chance to receive a year's supply of hot sauce?

Ed Currie is the responsible party for the world’s spiciest peppers, and the Choco Challenge represents a partnership between a variety of even hotter peppers that he’s developed and Fuego Box.

Not only does this challenge support a good cause, but there’s a chance for participants to win a year of hot sauce from the company. The rules are simple: eat the chocolate, film yourself eating it and share the results with the world.

Of course, this has resulted in many painful videos, but it also caught the eye of Brandon Farris, an internet celebrity with over a million followers.

One good thing to know about Farris is that he does not really like spicy food. He mentions this, repeatedly, at the beginning of the video, and yet still decides to go on, for two good causes: to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and to win lots of hot sauce for his girlfriend, who he says loves hot sauce.

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At first bite, he doesn’t seem too bothered. In fact, he eats the whole piece before he starts uncontrollably coughing and burping.

In an attempt to ease his suffering, he uses a variety of liquids and mild, soothing foods… to no avail. Whipped cream, red bull, chocolate pudding — nothing stops the burn.

“This is not what God intended when he made chocolate on the third day!” he shrieks. “There’s not enough puddin’ on this planet!”

He experiences a variety of symptoms, including sweating profusely, burping uncontrollable spicy burps, losing feeling in his mouth, and shaking. And then he realizes that eating the chocolate was only half the battle.

The video got over 8 million views, and Fuego Box recognized his grit and donation with a special gift box containing… more hot sauces.

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