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Man 'Moves Into' Animal Shelter To Help Save Dog Who Has Been There for Over 400 Days


There are people who love animals and volunteer some of their precious time to getting homeless pets into homes, and then there is Scott Poore from Kansas City.

Poore has devoted his entire life to helping shelter dogs find their forever homes. According to Mission Driven, the group he’s a part of, he left his normal 9-5 job and his life went to the dogs.

“Scott creates and promotes fundraisers to help shelters meet their needs, and he spends quality time with some of the most veteran 4-legged residents in those shelters in an effort to help them find the forever homes they deserve,” the website reads.

“Even as these adoptions increase, the reality is there is still a need for animal shelters.

“So Scott also spends a significant amount of time on fundraising campaigns for the shelters he partners with. Finding out what their most critical need is, he puts out pleas on social media for those supplies.”

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One of the more needy pets he recently encountered was 3-year-old “Queen,” a pit bull mix of some sort who had been at the Great Plains SPCA for over a year, waiting for someone to take her home.

“When you’re a shelter pet and you’ve been in a shelter for 400 days, it says that on your kennel card,” Poore told Inside Edition. “People see that and they think there has to be something wrong with the animal.”

When Queen first got to the shelter, there was something very wrong with her — she was in very bad condition, according to a video Poore posted about her. Even though they nursed her back to health, no one seemed to want her.

So Poore decided to do something drastic to call attention to her situation, knowing he could personally do something that would make her story go viral. He decided to live in her kennel with her.

“I was willing to put my life on hold,” he said. “It’s not very enjoyable, but I love my roommate and she has been amazing, and she loves the company.”

“When the staff leaves and the lights go off, you’d think everybody goes to sleep, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There’s not a lot of sleep,” he said. “I don’t want to paint a horrible picture, but it sucks.”

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He started his experiment on Sept. 17, and by Sept. 24 the shelter had some great news to share.

“A ROYAL SENDOFF fit for our very own Queen,” the Great Plains SPCA wrote in a Sept. 24 Facebook post.

“THANK YOU to Mission Driven and Scott Poore for all the help in finding Queen a forever family that is going to give her the royal treatment she deserves! Scott, we hope you don’t have to move back in anytime soon, although you’re always welcome!”

The video posted by the shelter shows a very excited Queen being led to the car amidst a shower of rose petals and staff cheers. While she has now found her perfect place, there are plenty more long-timers that could use a home!

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