Many Dems: The Unvaxxed Should be Tracked, Fined, Jailed - And Let's Take Their Kids Away Too - Poll


A little-noticed poll released last week by Rasmussen and The Heartland Institute revealed some horrifying realities about the Democratic electorate.

Even given today’s politically hostile climate, it’s pretty alarming to find out just how far Democrats are willing to go to inflict pain on the unvaccinated. Many Democratic voters were A-OK with stunningly harsh punishments for those who refuse the jab or openly criticize it.

Participants in the poll were asked if they would favor or oppose “a proposal for federal or state governments to fine Americans who choose not to get a COVID-19 vaccine.”

Fifty-five percent of Democratic voters said they would support such a measure, compared to 19 percent of Republicans and 25 percent of unaffiliated voters.

Respondents were also asked if they would favor imprisonment for public criticism of the vaccines. Support among Democrats was a whopping 48 percent, while just 14 percent of Republicans and 18 percent of unaffiliated voters favored criminal punishment.

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A staggering 59 percent of Democrats favored house arrest for those who refuse vaccination — specifically, a policy requiring that “citizens remain confined to their homes at all times, except for emergencies, if they refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine.” Just 17 percent of Republicans and 24 percent of unaffiliated voters would back home confinement for the unvaccinated.

Forty-five percent of Democrats would endorse requiring citizens to temporarily live in “designated facilities” if they choose to remain unvaccinated. In other words, coronavirus quarantine camps.

Seventy-one percent of all voters would oppose this policy. Seventy-eight percent of Republicans and 64 percent of unaffiliated voters said they would strongly oppose such a measure.

Are you surprised by the results of this poll?

When it came to the government’s use of “a smart phone app or wearable device that tracks unvaccinated people to ensure that they are quarantined or socially distancing from others,” 47 percent of Democrats were on board. Overall, two-thirds of likely voters objected to this policy.

The survey also asked about “a proposal to temporarily remove parents’ custody of their children if parents refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Shockingly, 29 percent of Democratic voters said they’d support it. This is a rather draconian measure by anyone’s standards, and the fact that so many Democrats approve of it speaks volumes.

Just 7 percent of Republicans and 11 percent of unaffiliated voters were in favor of taking children away from their unvaccinated parents.

Seventy-five percent of Democrats, 21 percent of Republicans and 38 percent of unaffiliated voters had a favorable opinion of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Participants were asked their opinion of the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for government agencies and companies with 100 or more employees. Predictably, 78 percent of Democrats favored the mandate, while just 22 percent of Republicans and 41 percent of unaffiliated voters supported it.

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Chris Talgo, senior editor and research fellow at The Heartland Institute, which commissioned the poll, said, “After two excruciatingly long years, likely voters are beginning to question the federal government’s handling of the pandemic.”

He added that the mandates “seem less about stopping the spread of COVID-19 and more about increasing the power of the federal government. When asked about several other potential strategies, such as fining those who refuse to get vaccinated, the consensus among likely voters is that the federal government should do less, not more.”

The results of this poll confirm what we’ve known all along. Most of us think the left has bad ideas, but many Democrats believe that conservatives are just straight-up evil.

Evidently, nearly 50 percent of Democrats are disturbingly comfortable with the U.S. government ruining the lives of millions of their fellow Americans for the crime of being unvaccinated.

President Joe Biden campaigned on reuniting the country — an impossible goal, to be sure. But neither he nor anyone else in his party ever even tried.

The survey of 1,016 likely voters was conducted on Jan. 5 with a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points. The full breakdown can be viewed here.

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Elizabeth is a contract writer at The Western Journal. Her articles have appeared on many conservative websites including RedState, Newsmax, The Federalist,, HotAir, MSN and RealClearPolitics.

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