Mark Levin Lays Bare Blatant Double Standard in Media Outrage Over Reporter Ban


Does the president of the United States have the right to decide which reporters get access to the White House?

The left apparently thinks that the answer is “no.”

Liberal outlets have rallied to chastise the Trump administration after it restricted a CNN reporter’s access … but well-known conservative radio host Mark Levin has a message: Not so fast.

A short time ago, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins interrupted an Oval Office meeting between President Donald Trump and European Union Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker to yell questions that had nothing to do with that diplomatic event.

While the president tried to act professional and gracious to the visiting EU dignitary, Collins pestered Trump with tabloid-style comments about alleged payments to a Playboy model before the 2016 election.

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“The White House claimed the questions were rude and came after the press pool was asked to leave the Oval Office,” explained the Washington Examiner. “As a result, they barred her from a subsequent event, prompting most media including Fox to defend Collins.”

Mainstream media elites seem to think that the duly-elected president should have no control over who enters the world’s most famous office.

But there appears to be some memory loss among the left.

Do you believe there is a double standard surrounding Trump and the media?

“He noted, for example, that three reporters from conservative outlets that endorsed Sen. John McCain’s presidential bid in 2008 were refused entry on the Obama campaign plane,” the Examiner explained.

“So he gets rid of the conservatives, gets rid of them, and by the way Glamour magazine and others were allowed to stay on the plane,” Levin pointed out on his program.

That Obama-era incident isn’t the only instance of the media’s double standard on display. During a 2012 interaction, a Daily Caller reporter was chastised by both President Barack Obama and liberal outlets for — you guessed it — interrupting the president while trying to bring up different topics.

“In a surprising breach of etiquette, President Barack Obama’s Rose Garden remarks on Friday were interrupted by heckling from reporter Neil Munro of the website Daily Caller, whose editor-in-chief is conservative commentator Tucker Carlson,” reported the left-leaning Politico Magazine at the time.

“Excuse me, sir, but it’s not time for questions,” Obama scolded.

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“Are you going to take questions?” Munro asked, while trying to ask about illegal immigration.

“Not while I’m speaking,” Obama said.

Do you see the difference? When a conservative interrupted Obama, it was called “heckling” and a “breach of etiquette” by the left. When a liberal interrupted Trump, it’s hailed as brave by the same left, and the administration is scorned as some sort of totalitarian regime.

It’s also worth noting that The Daily Caller’s reporter — who later apologized for the interruption — was at least asking a policy question. CNN’s pestering of Trump over headlines involving Playboy is the kind of thing usually relegated to the checkout-aisle tabloids.

“Obama cut him off and shut him down and the media agree with him, no circling of the wagons around Mr. Munro,” Levin said.

“I don’t remember news organizations putting out statements defending Neil Munro, do you?” the talk radio host continued.

“And he wasn’t in the Oval Office, the time wasn’t cut off, Obama wasn’t with another foreign leader, he wasn’t being asked about prosecutors and such investigating him and such because that didn’t happen of course because he’s Obama, they’d never do that, but he asked a policy question,” Levin pointed out.

He’s right. Once again, the rampant double standards of the mainstream media have reared their ugly heads.

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