Establishment Media Blackout: Jobs Report Shows Historic Milestone for Hispanic Community


The progressive claims that President Donald Trump is a racist, “hates brown people,” and “hates Mexicans” come in fast and furious.

But if he is a racist, he is doing a poor job of it.

His policies continue to benefit minority communities and provide much-needed help. In 2018, word broke that unemployment levels for blacks, Hispanics, and Asians had hit record lows.

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Now we have more great news in that same vein. But don’t expect the establishment media to give it sufficient coverage.

The latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released Friday reveals that in December, the numbers for Hispanic unemployment, seasonally-adjusted, hit an amazing low. According to CNS News, it is the lowest number on record at 4.4 percent.

In November, the number had seen an increase to 4.5 percent. But the following month, it had dropped again to reach the record low previously set.

For those keeping score, the unemployment numbers for Hispanics and Latinos have been tracked since 1973.

Do you believe President Trump's policies are good for America?

This means that the current number of 4.4 percent is the lowest rate the country has seen in more than 45 years.

And it happened under Trump. The “racist.”

There is even more good news. CNS News wrote that the unemployment level dropping also meant the number of Hispanics participating in the labor force rose.

The number of employed Hispanics hit 27,701,000 in December, which is a new record high. This translates to a labor participation rate of 67 percent, up from 66.8 percent.

December is the fourth month in a row in which a monthly increase was seen.

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We are two years into the Trump presidency and the numbers continue to show well, indicating it’s not a fluke.

The policies pushed by the Trump administration are benefiting Americans across the board. American women saw a significant decline in unemployment numbers under Trump, whom liberals frequently label a “sexist” and a “misogynist.”

In April 2018, BET founder Robert Johnson credited the Trump White House for the growth in the U.S. economy, as well as the improved business environment. While speaking to CNBC, he also pointed specifically to Trump’s tax cuts and stable interest rates as contributing factors.

But Johnson was not alone in crediting the president for the positive unemployment rate changes. In a September 2018 commentary for The Hill, the president and CEO of the Job Creators Network, Alfredo Ortiz, praised Trump for undoing the damage done under President Barack Obama,” Ortiz wrote.

“President Trump’s economy is the rising tide that is lifting all boats. This is especially true for Hispanics, who were among the biggest victims of the low-growth, high-regulation economy under President Obama,” Ortiz wrote

But while the border wall battle continues, don’t expect much coverage of this great unemployment news for Hispanics and Latinos to gain much traction with the establishment media.

It simply would not fit the narrative they seem to want to push about President Trump and his policies.

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