While Media Trashes Trump, NY Gov. at Virus Epicenter Continues to Praise POTUS


There is no shortage of negative things to say about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The elder son of late New York Gov. Mario Cuomo is anti-gun, pro-abortion and anti-immigration enforcement. In other words, he’s a New York liberal.

One thing that cannot be said about the 62-year old, is that he is insincere — at least when it comes to his sometimes tumultuous relationship with President Donald Trump.

Perhaps that is too kind of an assessment for a man who has played politics with ventilators and other medical equipment during the coronavirus pandemic.

But, when given the opportunity and the forum to blame President Donald Trump for the shocking toll New Yorkers have paid for the state’s failure to prepare for a major health crisis, the Democrat has praised the president now more than once.

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As the mainstream media uses the COVID-19 death toll to score cheap political points, Cuomo has appeared to be the kind of leader the left is lacking across the board — if for no other reason than he is at least willing to put partisan politics aside while Americans are dying.

Cuomo joined Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show Monday to talk with the shock jock about how he is holding up as the death toll in New York rises.

When asked about his relationship with the president — which has not always been amicable — Cuomo was complimentary of Trump, who is a native New Yorker.

“What relationship is perfect?” Cuomo said. “There are incidents even during this where he has taken shots at me and I have taken shots at him. Not gratuitous shots, but on my side they were bona fide bones of contention with things I needed. But by and large, [the relationship] has worked.”

Are you surprised that Andrew Cuomo is willing to praise President Trump?

“This is not about politics, this is not about personalities. We have to be better than that for the jobs that we do,” Cuomo told Stern. “I put my hand out in partnership to work with you. And we’ll call it straight. And if you do the right thing by New York, I’ll say it. And if you don’t, I’ll say it.”

Stern gave Cuomo ample bait to go after the president, but the governor wasn’t biting.

“That’s the plain truth in this situation. And since then, Howard, he has been good in delivering for New York. He has. He’s delivered for New York,” Cuomo said.

Check out part of the interview here:

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As the establishment media criticizes Trump’s every move, Trump has repeatedly challenged reporters to ask the governors if they’re happy.

According to Fox News, Cuomo said Trump is always available, especially when he calls with daily updates about what is happening in New York, or if he feels his state needs anything from the federal government.

“It’s amazingly simple. He’s amazingly accessible,” Cuomo said, according to Fox. “Either he gets on the phone or he calls me back in 10 minutes.

Cuomo also praised the president for asking about his brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo, during their calls.

Stern, unsurprisingly, asked a revolting question of the governor, by querying if he thinks President Trump is “happy” that his younger brother was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Cuomo told Stern that Trump’s relationship with his bother is “confrontational,” but shot down the question and said Trump asks about the younger Cuomo’s condition regularly.

“The president always makes a point of saying to me ‘How is Chris? Is he doing OK?’ and that’s not in his usual character,” Cuomo said.

“You know, we’re not chit-chatty when we’re on the phone. But he always makes a point to say that about Chris and always remember my mother,” Cuomo said.

It’s safe to say Cuomo and Trump are anything but friends. But, unlike most Democratic leadership, the governor is willing to give credit where it is due.

Cuomo could easily pile on and join the rest of the Democrats and the establishment media in slamming Trump’s every move.

But, at least for now, Cuomo and Trump seem to be on the same page when it comes to putting human life before politics.

With Joe Biden being little more than a blip on the radar during the nation’s crisis, Andrew Cuomo has essentially become the national face of the Democratic Party.

His praise for the president is no small thing.

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